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  1. ist indem sinne das gleich wie dein script für die MAP musst es nur auf OnPCloginEvent umstellen , und dort den check für die 2 ips einbauen
  2. da sliegt dadran das in deinem OnCLock1900 kein atcommand "@reloadbattleconf"; atcommand "@reloadmobdb"; drinne ist du musst nachm anpassen der exp rates auch reloaden
  3. garnicht , kannste nur verhindern indem du den Disable MUlti WIndow diff entfernst
  4. kann es sein das du DIable MUltiple WIndows gedifft hast? wenn ja dann liegt es dadran , der diff ist seit je her fehlerhaft und hält den prozess im PC fest , das probem is bekannt konnte aber noch ned gefixt werden
  5. i think it easy to bypass... then show us how easy it is to bypass
  6. youz can simply use the serverside MD5 hash protection what Rathena and Hercules got . as soon you manipulate the exe , the server will not let you in.
  7. IG in Combination with MD5 hash is pretty good or do you know a Way to manipulate MD5 hash inside a EXE . even if you get ofg the .DLL from the exe , and insert your own DLL , you will not be able to connect to the server since you got a different MD5 hash
  8. Harmony only supports 2012-04-10 Ragexe and it doesent support 2013 Client since the Function Calls have ben changed And it "Could" work on latest Rathen Rev , if you rewrite a bunch of the src code from harmony
  9. bugs ? the patch hatch error is a servside bug some diffs still nt working ? Oo all officiel diffs are working , you should update your nemo patcher
  10. ossi0110

    Help Pls

    diesen text findest du im lua files ordner datainfo/helpmsgstr.lub
  11. Female: ¿î¿µÀÚ_¿© Male: ¿î¿µÀÚ_³² The location of the GM sprites go to data/sprite/ Àΰ£Á·/¸öÅë/ ³² (MALE) data/sprite/ Àΰ£Á·/¸öÅë/ ¿© (FEMALE)
  12. ossi0110

    BAR of mob

    just use /monsterhp to hide monster HP bar
  13. here you got them http://www.mediafire.com/?oz01np209ilxpop
  14. Remove Quickslot window Find and remove this 3 entrys. from windinfo.lub WID_QUIKSLOTWND = 159 and elseif windowID == WID_QUIKSLOTWND then return "UIQuikSlotWnd" and UIQuikSlotWnd = { width = 77, height = 34, x = 900, y = 0 } For Removing the Tips , just place empty http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/ClientSide/Translation_Project/renewal%20data/tipoftheday.txt in your GRF and it should be not displayed. Other way would be to hex the tipoftheday.lua out of the exe
  15. just use the logmes script command and he will log into the npclog db
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