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  1. Blue Jem


    yea is working thx for this help and the script
  2. Blue Jem


    i try i wish master this script is working to eathena
  3. Blue Jem


    on eathena svn there are no @accinfo command i want to manual type
  4. Blue Jem


    can i request about information of the player, Example: the GM staff Type this account_id 200000 or ETC..... show all info or detais: Username: Password: Email: Sex: Last login: Last Ip: IP:
  5. hello , im asking here to all scripter about scripter. this is my request about quest items. 1: need to complete the requierment the items need is: > 7227 = 10pcs > 501 = 10pcs > 502 = 10pcs 2: after the hunting for quest and complete the all items. 3: the npc give the reward to the player who complete the item with name of character. the reward is sakkat. Example the final reward with name of character: Blue Jem Sakkat.
  6. jobchange Job_Novice_High; there are 3 same name and where can replace this can i see the full script
  7. This the URL: http://pastebin.com/WdBNR1DZ this job changer have high job i wan to remove that the job this is the example Novice - mage - wizad - high novice - high mage - high wizard i want to change the script Novice - Mage - Wizard - High Wizard
  8. please can i request the client and the packet_db there are no cashshop bottom
  9. 1: only party leader can talk the npc after convo to npc and npc warp the party inside to map "guild_vs2" 2: 5 secound the clone has summon in guild_vs2 3: best of 3 round score to win 4: if the party of player is close the clone is die or @killmonster2 5: if have party inside to guild_vs2 the npc is show the status ON mean have party inside NO enter during Battle
  10. i mean your script is nothing happen see i test your script with 1 player inside to guild_vs1 map
  11. the npc nothing happen . this scrip from jesky if (getmapusers(guidl_vs1)==1)goto Full; mes "Do you want to enter this room?"; menu "Enter",enter,"Cancel",cancel; enter: set @name, +strcharinfo(0); warp "guidl_vs1",50,50; end; cancel: end; Full: next; mes "Sorry, the room is on used by "[email protected]+" right now"; next; mes "Please wait until the person get out from this room."; next; end; OnInit: while( 1 ){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Miner(s) : "+getmapusers("guidl_vs1")+"",0; sleep 1000; } end; }
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