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  1. maybe that or just remove the part that gives zeny on the script.
  2. LuLu

    MVP with BIG HP BAR

    Under NEMO Patcher, use this.
  3. why not do it in reverse? if level is below 90 then add bonus. If greater than 90, then no effect? { if(BaseLevel<90) {bonus bMaxHP,2500; bonus bMaxSP,500;} },{},{} Not sure if this is correct though. If a player is 90 or above, bonus wont work.
  4. 3 Chat Flood Remove Limit 8 Custom Window Title 9 Disable 1rag1 type parameters (Recommended) 13 Disable Ragexe Filename Check (Recommended) 16 Disable Swear Filter 19 Enable Title Bar Menu 20 Extend Chat Box 21 Extend Chat Room Box 22 Extend PM Box 23 Enable /who command (Recommended) 24 Fix Camera Angles (Recommended) 28 Increase Headgear ViewID 286 Hide zero date (1969-01-01) in guild members window 290 Hide build info in client (Recommended) 34 Enable /showname (Recommended) 291 Hide packets from peek (Recommended) 36 Read msgstringtable.txt (Recommended) 38 Remove Gravity Ads (Recommended) 39 Remove Gravity Logo (Recommended) 40 Restore Login Window (Recommended) 41 Disable Nagle Algorithm (Recommended) 44 Translate Client (Recommended) 46 Use Normal Guild Brackets (Recommended) 47 Use Ragnarok Icon 48 Use Plain Text Descriptions (Recommended) 49 Enable Multiple GRFs (Recommended) 53 Use Ascii on All LangTypes (Recommended) 64 @ Bug Fix (Recommended) 65 Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub (Recommended) 73 Remove Hourly Announce (Recommended) 84 Remove Serial Display (Recommended) 85 Show Cancel To Service Select 88 Allow space in guild name 90 Enable DNS Support (Recommended) 91 Disconnect to Login Window 97 Cancel to Login Window (Recommended) 204 Increase Attack Display 208 Restore Cash Shop Icon 213 Disable Help Message on Login (Recommended) Got nemo from >>here<<
  5. check your patches and iteminfo carefully. Make sure they are properly placed in the right paths NEMO: Ragnarok System Folder Check the iteminfo. Name must match with your patch Here's what my iteminfo looks like I think your GRFs are fine now. If only items are not translated, then it is more likely an iteminfo problem (No need to edit data files from GRFs)
  6. your order is wrong [Data]1=english.grf2=data.grf3=rdata.grf *prioritize english so it doesn't get overridden by the kRO files as for the LUB file, maybe it got replaced (check your downloaded translation file, it must be english and compare it with what you are using), cause it's ecrypted. just rename your english iteminfo.lua > .lub. it will work. you can also encrypt it if you want, but it must be english first
  7. try packing it all into GRF. the MISSING translation are TEXTURES from the translation data files and these are from iteminfo.lua/lub whatever you are using. try opening them in notepad++, if its gibberish, it got replaced. Sometimes when you patch, it gets overwritten by the kRO patch which reverts it back to korean.
  8. Use that option when diffing
  9. bka po ng update kayo nang revision then forgot to update your sql
  10. maybe check mmo.h for packetver.may be you have incorrect packets