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  1. Where should I have change on it? Please guide me
  2. Good Day rAthena! May I request a npc called Card trader? I have search at the Browser but all not suit my needs. Function: -5 cards from normal mobs as (Input) and rewards 1 Old Card Album as (Output). Mini-boss/mvp cards are excluded Main reason I need this is to help player recycle those unused cards. Sorry about that I cant write myself a expert npc script, but still in learning! Can you make me the script, I can add on the card I need. Waiting for your reply! Thank you very much! Sorry for my bad english!
  3. is anyone got the "Sanctum" mini map? please share here because the mini was missing. Thanks!
  4. ahloi007


    Hi there, Im looking for 3 pax GMs to form a team and work together in ZiRagnarok. It is very difficult for me to handle a server with no body help. Currently, Im not able to payout any payment $ for the jobs, but when the server going well, yes! I will pay you don't worry about that. So, anyone who are full of enthusiasm for RO and interested in voluntary participation for GM job please contact me. Btw the server haven't open yet, we will have a discussion before the server open. ( the website is confirmed ) GM job vacancy: 1. Head Game Master - Responsible for all Game Master management. Interviewing Game Master, overseeing Events, Launching large scale forum events. Help to share work with me for taking care the server and make sure everything go well. 2. Support Game Master - Responsible for answering question relating to bugs and player issues. Helping out wherever necessary. 3. Event Game Master - Responsible for hosting event in game or forum. Helping out wherever necessary. Minimum Requirement: - Age of 21 - High availability ( 2+ hours daily) preferably for SEA or USA - Expert experience with organizing GM-hosted events & providing customer support as well. Smoothing things down in case something exploded and the other staff is absent. - Able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff and players with fluent english writing and reading comprehension. - Able to manage forum/ facebook page/ discord. - Able to capable to provide input when requested. We value all staff's opinions and each of us have a say, your suggestion is very important for the server grow! - Must have a favorable over-all attitude: enthusiastic, trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help, unbiased. - GM is not allow to play the server is normal id. (We serve the community and must forfeit certain rights to do so effectively.)
  5. Hi rAthena! Can guide me the way to add on zeny require in Plagiarism Npc? Example: if you wanna copy a skill, you have to pay 15,000 zeny for the process to skill copy. If no zeny, please come back again with enough of Zeny. I'm new to this and still learning on it. I'm using this script that found on rathena : - prontera,208,227,4 script Plagiarism NPC 779,{ mes "select which skill you want to be copy, your existing one will be overwrite"; next; set [email protected], select(.menu$) -1; if ( getskilllv(.skill$[[email protected] * 3 +1]) ) { mes "you already copied that skill"; close; } mes "are you sure you want to copy "+ .skill$[[email protected] * 3] +"?"; mes "you'll need to pay ^ff000015,000 Zeny^000000 and relogin again"; next; if ( select ( "Yes", "No" ) == 2 ) close; [email protected]$ = atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] ) > 1 ? "-" + .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] : "" ; mes "choose a level (1" + [email protected]$ + ")"; if ( input( [email protected], 1, ( atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] ) > 1 ? atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +2] ) : 1 )) != 0 ) { mes "wrong level"; close; } set CLONE_SKILL, atoi( .skill$[[email protected] * 3 +1] ); set CLONE_SKILL_LV, [email protected]; atcommand "@kick "+ strcharinfo(0); end; OnInit: setarray .skill$, "Fire Bolt", 19, 10, "Cold Bolt", 14, 10, "Lightning Bolt", 20, 10, "Jupitel Thunder", 84, 10, "Lord Of Vermillion", 85, 10, "Storm Gust", 89, 10, "Meteor Storm", 83, 10, "Spear of Ice", 537, 10, "Raging Fire Dragon", 536, 5, "Triple Attack", 263 ,10; set [email protected], getarraysize(.skill$); for ( set [email protected],0; [email protected] < [email protected]; set [email protected], [email protected] +3 ) set .menu$, .menu$ + .skill$[[email protected]] +":"; end; } Waiting for your reply.
  6. Any idea about "Access denied" with selecting the game directory?
  7. As the topic shown, I want to find out the Emotion icon list in game... Someone please guide me the way?? because my Emotion icon list give out the wrong commands P/S: If I post on wrong section , please move me. Im sorry for the inconvenience caused...
  8. Ahhhh.... Thanks bro! I will try it xD
  9. Okay thanks ! its working!
  10. @latios , I've got this error what should I do?
  11. Hi emistry, I've check the emotionlist.lub Im confusing with the code, because this thing quite new to me. And I also replace it with other emotionlist.lub which is working at other server, but still the same. So I also done add on the code in the emotionlist.lub - /desp, /fsh, /spin, /sigh, /dum, /crwd //---"***" this is where I added InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/e13") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/fsh") *** InsertEmotionListTable(ET_CONFUSE, MSI_EMOTION_CONFUSE, 52) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_CONFUSE, c_GetMsgString(MSI_EMOTION_CONFUSE)) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_CONFUSE, "/e14") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/spin") *** InsertEmotionListTable(ET_OHNO, MSI_EMOTION_OHNO, 53) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_OHNO, c_GetMsgString(MSI_EMOTION_OHNO)) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_OHNO, "/ÇѼû") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_OHNO, "/e15") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/sigh") *** InsertEmotionListTable(ET_HUM, MSI_EMOTION_HUM, 54) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_HUM, c_GetMsgString(MSI_EMOTION_HUM)) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_HUM, "/e16") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/dum") *** InsertEmotionListTable(ET_BLABLA, MSI_EMOTION_BLABLA, 55) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_BLABLA, c_GetMsgString(MSI_EMOTION_BLABLA)) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_BLABLA, "/½Ã²ø½Ã²ø") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_BLABLA, "/e17") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/crwd") *** InsertEmotionListTable(ET_OTL, MSI_EMOTION_OTL, 56) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_OTL, c_GetMsgString(MSI_EMOTION_OTL)) InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_OTL, "/e18") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_OTL, "/otl") InsertEmotionMsgListTable(ET_SPARK, "/desp") *** But it doesn't working...
  12. Hi rAthena! As the topic above, may I know how to fix it? I got invalid command in game Emotions... Please guide me Example: When I click on the emotion, it came out the command like this "/ desp" When I type the correct command /desp, it be come invalid command as below picture shown. If I post on the wrong site please move me , Im sorry for the inconvenience caused...
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