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  1. Hi, everyone.. I wan to disable the zeny reward. what should I do? setarray .Modifier[0], // Multipliers for Base Exp, Job Exp, and Zeny rewards. getbattleflag("base_exp_rate")/20,getbattleflag("job_exp_rate")/20,10; This is euphy hunting mission NPC script
  2. Hi there, need you support! How to gain cash point by using usable items? I did research and found out this but it doesn't work on me Anyone please help me on this?
  3. The npc works! thanks! but I found a bug, when I was succeed to redeem, it stuck at the npc chat box there without a "close" button. Should I add on mes "you got the reward!"; announce "Player '" + strcharinfo(0) + "' has redeemed his max level reward!",0; //=========================== getitem 502,1;//add what you want to give like this. close;
  4. Hi sader, thanks for your reply. This script doesn't work when I was redeem with my max level character, it said that "you are not at the max level!" What should I do? Sorry Im still in learning stage.
  5. Need your help! I need a Max level rewards NPC. 1 account can redeem once and its only for the 50 players. An announcement will be made when a player redeem the rewards.
  6. Can anyone help me with this? I have already follow the instruction but still get error.
  7. Thanks sir, but the npc function still remain the same 1 TCG =1 cash point not 6 TCG =1 cash point. But I still like this npc as well because easy for player use.
  8. Hi, can I know how to edit this Cash Converter Npc at below? I want to make it like 6 TCG card to 1 cash point.. But I have tried several times to edit it but the Cash Point amount give out doesn't get what I want. Can please point out where should I need to edit in details? Because I'm still new to here. *lol prt_in,44,100,3 script CP Converter 532,{ [email protected]$ = strcharinfo(0); // Char Name [email protected] = 7227; // Item ID [email protected] = 1; // Amount [email protected] = countitem( [email protected]* ); // Countitem if( [email protected] < 1 ) { mes "[ Cash Converter ]"; mes "You don't have any ^0000FF"+ getitemname([email protected]) +"^000000 in your Inventory to be exchanged for Cash Points."; mes "Please come back to me if you have it already."; close; } mes "[ Cash Converter ]"; mes rand(2) ? ""+callfunc("F_Hi")+" I'm Cash Converter, of Prontera Rune-Midgard City." : ""+callfunc("F_Hi")+" I can able to exchange your ^0000FF"+ getitemname([email protected]) +"^000000 to Cash Points."; mes " "; mes "What would you like to do?"; next; mes "[ Cash Converter ]"; mes "^FF0000Information:^000000"; mes "^777777 -------------------- ^000000"; mes "Exchange Rate: "+ [email protected] +" x "+ getitemname( [email protected] ) +" to "+ ( [email protected] * [email protected] ) +" Cash Point"+ ([email protected] * [email protected] > 1 ? "s" : "") +""; next; if( select("- Convert","- Cancel") == 1 ) { progressbar "0x11CC99",1; specialeffect2 EF_REMOVETRAP; delitem [email protected],[email protected]; #CASHPOINTS = #CASHPOINTS + ( [email protected] * [email protected] ); message [email protected]$,"You have recieved "+ [email protected] * [email protected] +" Cash Point"+ (#CASHPOINTS > 1 ? "s" : "") +" and a of Total: "+ #CASHPOINTS +" Cash Point"+ (#CASHPOINTS > 1 ? "s" : "") +""; mes "[ Cash Converter ]"; mes "You have successfully exchanged."; } close; }
  9. I'm sorry, can you please explained in details? Because I'm still new to this... *lol
  10. function script F_Rand { return getarg(rand(getargcount())); } Hi there, this is the random box script that I am using right now. Can I know how to add on the % to the item give out through this script ?
  11. Emistry, the npc do appeared in game but doesn't working perfectly. and I found this error too.
  12. Im sorry that I forgot mention that my server is Pre-re and the max refine is +10 only