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  1. update.. got the sprites to work but the MC_Ameri in mob.avail Riding true but when i spawn him he wont be on a peco peco
  2. apparently when i try patching the files it doesnt add the files i patched after patching? Is something wrong with thor patcher tool.i tried 3 times and it wouldnt add the files.
  3. isnt GRF a compiled version of the files but its the same as having it in your data/system folder etc.
  4. i got this fixed already. try copying the top for wings and bottom for helm except the 2618,2619 thats the accid of those items.
  5. custom map named demon_sign01 i think or demon_sign
  6. I wanna use a Paladin and a thief npc for a mob and is it possible to add skills to them? like lets say i want the paladin to do a summon skill of mobs (custom mobs) etc? If so do you have a guide cause im lost. I tried making Choco do asura but it never worked.
  7. So i placed a custom map at first it had path file errors but once i fixed it and i go to the map my RO just hangs and im not sure what to do since all the files are in the right place. can someone please help me?
  8. What do you mean by animation problems. I wanted to use a thief sprite as a mob
  9. I wanna use a npc id for an mvp mob is it possible and if so how do i go about it?
  10. I'm trying to make choco asura but it still wont after reloadmobdb and skilldb am i doing something wrong? i tried also making choco stronger in mob db and made its stats like 500 - 1k and it still didnt add any damage to it
  11. So i tried changing the headgear position ID to costume ID but when i try the item on it says you dont meet the requirements to wear this. How do i fix this? (changed the id in item_db)
  12. placed it in texture file itself before pressing the folder going to items and collections. FIXED
  13. I placed the map perfectly in the server and i placed the bmps of the map in texture - map - custom and or texture - customs but it still gives me the error saying i thought have them? bmp error ##.bmp even though its all there.