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  1. How do i make my gm bypass mapflags? I tried putting map <tab> mapflag <tab> 99 but it wont work. it doesnt bypass it sadly. atm im trying to use skills on quiz_02 so it goes quiz_02 tab mapflag tab noskill tab 99. still cant skill. (trying to fix noskill and nowarpto so i can use warp to bring players in and out of the map and be the only one to use skills) i can bypass @go and @warp and commands but noskill and the use of warp skill wont bypass. i can use /memo too just not the warp skill.
  2. i think header or body was canceled out. remove it and it should work.
  3. gusto ko palitan sana ung item effect ng item id 12279 tsaka 12280 magiging holy/undead armor mo for 5 mins pero OP para sakin gusto ko gawin sana is copya ung stats ng resist potion so 20% resist holy tas -15% resist undead / 20% resist undead tas -15% resist holy. paki tulong mga kapatid maraming salamat
  4. I wanted to change item ID 12279 and 12280 that endows holy/undead armor for 5 mins to 20% damage reduction from holy and +15% damage taken from undead while other one will be 20% damage reduction from undead and +15% damage taken from holy sames as resist potion effects.
  5. trying to find this wing and how to put that sorta effect on the item?
  6. How do i restrict creator's pet homulucus in a map so i can restrict it in my gold room so they can't leave it on aggressive and afk farm.
  7. yea i just found this and trying it out now! i see that 3rd line from examples. is it possible to affect other mobs that drop that specific item to have the same drop rate?
  8. Is there a way to make particular items not affected by global drop rates? I have a high rate server but the drop rates are classic. If i touch the global rates the items that shouldnt have a high drop rate will have it.
  9. update.. got the sprites to work but the MC_Ameri in mob.avail Riding true but when i spawn him he wont be on a peco peco
  10. apparently when i try patching the files it doesnt add the files i patched after patching? Is something wrong with thor patcher tool.i tried 3 times and it wouldnt add the files.
  11. isnt GRF a compiled version of the files but its the same as having it in your data/system folder etc.
  12. i got this fixed already. try copying the top for wings and bottom for helm except the 2618,2619 thats the accid of those items.
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