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  1. Kreustoo's Collection I worked on a lot of project and decided to make a proper topic with all my release. You can contact me on discord Kreustoo#4473 even if I'm actually part working with a server but I'm mostly free. I'm going to update this topic with some new content for the following weeks. Free Scripts Sources Modifications Sprites Paid Scripts I'd like to thank rathena for all the work they've done and still doing. A lot of child dream came true thanks to you.
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  2. Over the years many people have wondered why rAthena and Hercules don't seem to get along. Let me tell you now, the rAthena staff have nothing against the Hercules project, or it's staff as individuals. However, a divide between the two projects is kept alive by unnecessary foolish behaviour. The best example of this could be seen on a Pull Request up until a few moments ago. I've removed the drama (including my own remarks) to keep the PR on-topic. The content of the comments is posted here. I want to iterate, quite harshly, that everything I've said is factually correct. I'm too stubborn to hate anyone, but I will not allow foolish remarks to tarnish the hard work of developers simply because someone is looking for a bit of drama before breakfast. This is clear evidence that 4144's assumption that we hate Hercules devs is a manifestation from some by-gone era that he can't let go. We don't care about drama, we care about bringing great updates and features to this emulation project. This topic is locked. It's a statement, not a discussion.
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  3. Version 1


    3 Free Loading Screens --- PSD Included.
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  4. -****script****OnPCKillEvent****-1,{ OnPCKillEvent: ****if(attachrid(killedrid)) ****{ ********if(Class == 3 || Class == 4012) ********{ ************if(rand(10000) == 1) ************{ ****************getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); ****************makeitem 7227,1,@mapname$,@mapx,@mapy; ************} ********} ****} end; } -****script****OnPCKillEvent****-1,{ OnPCKillEvent: ****if(@kills++ == 10) ****{ ********specialeffect2 805,AREA; ********@kills = 0; ****} end; }
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