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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Lucky Roulette System with award of items, easy configuration of items, quantity and chance of success. By buying this script, you agree to these terms: You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form. Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. I still retain all rights to this script. Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification. Copyright © - Emperium Games 2017 - All Rights Reserved
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  2. @Jey my bad, one of my maps (one of the 108...lol) was badly bound (as it's only resnametable handled) which caused the error. By I had to go throught the 108 maps to determine that this one was badly bound. It was the [email protected], which explain why it broke when adding the 31st map.
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  3. turbo_room,118,101,4 script Freebies 790,{ OnInit: waitingroom "Click Me Freebies",0; if(#sorry == 1) goto L_1; mes "You will receive Some Present as a reward for joining the server"; mes "We're gladly thankful for your support in the future too."; next; if(checkweight(2504,1) == 0 ) goto L_OverWeight; rentitem 2357,259200; //armorvalk rentitem 5171,259200; //valkhelm rentitem 2421,259200; //shoes valk rentitem 2524,259200; //valkmantue rentitem 2115,259200; //shield valk rentitem 5170,259200; //FB rentitem 18507,259200; //Elvenslotted rentitem 2701,259200; //OG rentitem 5374,259200; //GMG rentitem 5597,259200; //Chew rentitem 2630,259200; //briss // rentitem 4263,259200; //inca // rentitem 4302,259200; //tao-gunka // rentitem 4143,259200; //orc hero // rentitem 4198,259200; //maya-p // rentitem 4146,259200; //maya // rentitem 4236,259200; //amon // rentitem 4374,259200; //vesper // getitem2 14533,10,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items // getitem 2524,1; //valkmant // getitem 5171,1; //valkhem // getitem 2421,1; //shoes valk card // getitem 2357,1; //armor valk card // getitem 2115,1; //shield valk card // getitem 4147,1; //bapo // getitem2 12210,4,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items // getitem2 12214,2,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // (Custom Items emotion e_thx; set #sorry,1; savepoint "prontera",156,191; warp "prontera",156,191; close; L_OverWeight: mes "Sorry, you are over weight"; emotion e_omg; close; L_1: mes "You had already received before the gift."; emotion e_bzz; close; } Try this.
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  4. well, you can use some trick like check for the coordinate of players. if they keep stay at the same location, then just skip these players when assign the rewards. getmapxy([email protected]$, [email protected],. @y, 0); if ([email protected]$ == @last_map$ && [email protected] == @last_x && [email protected] == @last_y ) { // player stay in same location. atcommand "@kick "+strcharinfo(0); end; } @last_map$ = [email protected]$; @last_x = [email protected]; @last_y = [email protected]; well of course you should also add in other condition checking to avoid it kick players who are just really in afk mode.
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