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    File Name: GM Reward Giver File Submitter: sandbox File Submitted: 21 Feb 2014 File Category: Utilities Content Author: UnoDelta, sandbox It's basically a script to monitor the items that are given out by your staff to the players, the main use of this is for events, so you can track if any of your staff is being a bad boy! XD Installation Enable the script on your NPC folder Create a table in your database using the code below, or manually by yourself, make sure all columns accept text! CREATE TABLE evt_prize(rwd_time varchar(255),player varchar(255),item_id varchar(255),amount varchar(255),gm_name varchar(255)); Configure this line to the minimum GM group level that you want to monitor. if (getgroupid() < 4){end;} Configure the map and coordinates where you would place your NPC, it's advised to place it in a map that can't be accessed by your players Enjoy with an evil laugh so you can simply swing the ban hammer upon your corrupt GMs! (Optional) To monitor your staff's reward logs, simply check the `evt_prize` table and view the item rewarding activity.. I might update this and add an option where you could view your logs in-game, when I feel like scripting.. Oh yeah! Not! Terms & Conditions: You are not allowed to reproduce or make profit of this script You are not allowed to take credit for this script. Though you can modify/edit it to your liking. I can give you support, but please, do not message me. Click here to download this file
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    Okay, so here is what you were asking for I guess. You can increase the strength of this by using methods that Euphy mentioned in addition to the showdigit time method. But for now this is in itself pretty strong D: ( i guess lol). Okay, so the way this script works is the following: 1. It shows a time at the top of the screen for 5 seconds. (Same format as used when your #1 in PvP). 2. It generates 3 random strings of text each different in length depending on what you specify. 3. The FIRST and LAST string of text is highlighted red, and are what the player needs to type in. 4. It is case sensitive. 5. Format inputted is: string1+string2+numbers. ex: asdf234asdfqwer5678qwer012345678 6. The player has a limited amount of time to input the password. (This can be specified in the script). 7. After the player logs in there is a random amount of time until the player is given the test. ( between 1min -> 15min by default ). 8. Lastly the length of the text is random from 10->48 (by default. can be changed). ex: Ae16455934 OR ex: 1234AsDf5678qwERgh34awTGTJhiiL9ku8765Fta14593402 So, yeah it's up to you on what you wanna change it to. First off, change this to a number higher than those your players are. This prevents them from using commands to bypass the bot check. // Only group with level more than or equal this value can use atcommand while talking with NPC. atcommand_enable_npc: 0 Then simply install this script and make the changes as needed. - script bot_test -1,{ OnInit: set .mim,1; //Minimum Wait time before starting bot test. set .mxm,15; //Maximum Wait time before starting bot test. set .often,60; //How often a bot test is given in minutes. set .timetest,30; //Seconds for players to input test before they auto-fail. set .minstr,1; //DO NOT CHANGE //Max Length each section of the string will be. set .maxstr,20; // ( .maxstr * 2 ) + 8 = Password Length. //DO NOT CHANGE THE BELOW// .day = 86400; .hour = 3600; .min = 60; setarray .0$[0],"a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","L","m","n","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","w","x","y","z"; setarray .1$[0],"A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","ii","J","K","LL","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z"; setarray .2$[0],"0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9"; setarray .day$[1],"01","02","03","04","05","06","07","08","09","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","21","22","23","24","25","26","27","28","29","30"; setarray .hour$[0],"00","01","02","03","04","05","06","07","08","09","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","21","22","23"; setarray .min$[0],"00","01","02","03","04","05","06","07","08","09","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","21","22","23","24","25","26","27","28","29", "30","31","32","33","34","35","36","37","38","39","40","41","42","43","44","45","46","47","48","49","50","51","52","53","54","55","56","57","58","59"; setarray .second$[0],"00","01","02","03","04","05","06","07","08","09","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20","21","22","23","24","25","26","27","28","29", "30","31","32","33","34","35","36","37","38","39","40","41","42","43","44","45","46","47","48","49","50","51","52","53","54","55","56","57","58","59"; OnPCLoginEvent: addtimer (60000 *rand([email protected],[email protected]) ), strnpcinfo(3)"+::OnBotTest"; //Starts timer to trigger bot timer end; OnBotTest: set @pass,0; addtimer .timetest * 1000, strnpcinfo(3)"+::OnTestCheck"; set [email protected],rand(1,30); set [email protected],rand(1,23); set [email protected],rand(60); set [email protected],rand(60); set [email protected],rand(20); set [email protected],rand(20); set [email protected],rand(20); freeloop(1); while( [email protected] <= [email protected] ){ [email protected] = rand(3); if( [email protected] == 2 ){ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ + getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected] +"$["+ rand(10) +"]"); } if( [email protected] == 0 || [email protected] == 1 ){ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ + getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected] +"$["+ rand(26) +"]"); } [email protected]++; } while( [email protected] <= [email protected] ){ [email protected] = rand(3); if( [email protected] == 2 ){ set [email protected]tr2$,[email protected]$ + getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected] +"$["+ rand(10) +"]"); } if( [email protected] == 0 || [email protected] == 1 ){ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ + getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected] +"$["+ rand(26) +"]"); } [email protected]++; } while( [email protected] <= [email protected] ){ [email protected] = rand(3); if( [email protected] == 2 ){ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ + getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected] +"$["+ rand(10) +"]"); } if( [email protected] == 0 || [email protected] == 1 ){ set [email protected]$,[email protected]$ + getd("[email protected]"+ [email protected] +"$["+ rand(26) +"]"); } [email protected]++; } freeloop(0); showdigit ( ([email protected] * [email protected]) + ([email protected] * [email protected]) + ([email protected] * [email protected]) + ([email protected]) ); mes "Input the ^FF0000TEXT^000000 only + the numbers above"; mes "^FF0000"+ [email protected]$ +"^0000FF"+ [email protected]$ +"^FF0000"+ [email protected]$ +"^000000"; //For Debug purposes //mes ""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]]+""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]]+""; input [email protected]$; if( [email protected]$ != ""+ [email protected]$ +""+ [email protected]$ +""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +""+ [email protected]$[[email protected]] +"" ){ mes "^FF0000 FAILED"; //Punishment close; } addtimer (60000 * .often), strnpcinfo+"::OnBotTest"; set @pass,1; close; OnTestCheck: if( @pass ){end;} //Punishment end; } Right now, this script does not provide any form of punishment. To punish a person (ban/kick or other wise), simply search for //Punishment and replace with your punishment method.
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    I've seen an anti-bot feature which randomize a random skill & level at login, so that your cursor become the randomed skill level number (1 to 10) and you have to type in. Does OpenKore able to read the client's cursor skill level?
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    here you got them http://www.mediafire.com/?oz01np209ilxpop
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    Server side. item_db.txt ID,AegisName,Name,Type,Buy,Sell,Weight,ATK,DEF,Range,Slots,Job,Upper,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV,Refineable,View,{ Script },{ OnEquip_Script },{ OnUnequip_Script } ID,Name card,Name card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,Localisation,,,,,{},{},{} Put an unique ID, a name not necessarily unique and the localisation ( nb. where you insert the card) For Localisation : Client side. System/itemInfo.lub data/cardprefixnametable.txt for prefix equipment name when you insert your card in equipment (optionnal) data/num2cardillustnametable.txt if you want an illustration of your card (optionnal) data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/cardbmp/ to put the illustration (optionnal) itemInfo.lub Just follow the typo. Change the Display name, the description for identified/unindentified item. That's all. cardprefixnametable.txt Add in your file a line following the typo Card ID#Prefix# num2cardillustnametable.txt Add in your file a line following the typo Card ID#Name in cardbmp# cardbmp/ Add your illustration in bmp format 300x400
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