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  1. Free

    WoE rewards depending on time spent in castle

    This script rewards players for each minute spent on WoE castle.
    Can reward players for every minute they spend inside a WoE castle Can reward players for every kill in WoE castle, and will also display the name of the killed/killer. Excludes AFK players and players who are not in a guild. Announces kills with different colors depending on the killer's castle Can set a modifier for certain classes to gain more points than others Settings:
    setarray .maps$ ,"schg_cas03", "prtg_cas01"; //maps where the system is active .points_per_minute = 1; //number of points earned for each minute you spend in the castle for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < getarraysize(.maps$) ; [email protected]++) if (!getmapflag(.maps$[[email protected]],mf_loadevent)) setmapflag .maps$[[email protected]],mf_loadevent; .s_idle_time = 180; // time before player is considered idle (in seconds) .rewardId = 909; // ID of the reward item .announce = 0; // Announce kills (0 = no announcement, 1 = map announcement, 2 = global announcement) .color_defenders$ = "0xffff00"; // Announcement color when a defending player kills an attacking player .color_attackers$ = "0x99ccff"; // Announcement color when an attacking player kills a member of the castle's owner .kill_reward = 1; // Amount of points earned for every kill, set to 0 to disable it setarray .class_modifier[0],4063,3,4076,2; // Modifier for certain classes [Id, Modifier, Id, Modifier....] This script is a part of a larger rewards script that includes a WoE ranking,  emperium breaking rewards, and rewards depending on the damage dealt during WoE. I might release the entire script in the future.



  2. Free

    Find the GM (hide and seek)

    A simple event. the GM npc will teleport to a random location in the specified map, and the first player to find him will win the round.
    //SETTINGS .rounds = 3; // for how many rounds should the event last? .map$ = "prontera"; // the event where the gm will hide .itemReward = 1; setarray .rewards[0],909,5,716,2; // [itemId, itemAmount, {....}] .zenyReward = 0; .zenyAmount = 1000; .debugMode = 0; .npcName$ = "GM Masta"; .countdown = 3; // the time between event announcements and when the event actually starts. .automatic = 1; // automatic event or does it need a gm to run it manually? .runEvery = 1; // (ignore if manual) run the event ever X hours .offset = 1; // (ignore if manual) sometimes, you might have another event/announcement at the same time as the event announcement. you can set an offset (announce X minutes after event time.)  



  3. Free

    @restock - get items from storage with a command

    My take on the @restock command. 
    This script allows you to set a list of item to restock from your storage, for example 100 blue gemstones and 300 white potions.
    When using the command, a ticket item will be consumed to get the specified items from storage.
    This script is so that you'll always have the needed quantity of items in the list. for example, if you have 22 gemstones in your inventory and you use @restock, you'll get the 78 gemstones missing to the full 100
    any feedback is appreciated.



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