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Advent Calendar Event with scavenger hunt [Prontera] 1.1

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About This File

This is a small advent calendar event I wrote for a small server I played on.

Since christmas is over now, and people enjoyed it I felt others might want to have it on their servers next year as well, or use it for a different seasonal event.

It automatically checks for the current day in regular intervals, and enables automatically on december 1st if it is loaded, and can be used until december 31st.

Description ripped out of the script header:

//===== Description: =========================================
//= Advent Calendar Script with randomized order, account locked.
//= Players have to wear a Santa Hat for the event, which they can
//= obtain from Santa Clues
//= After talking to Santa Clues,
//= players get a hint for a house in prontera.
//= Reaching that house they get a code word.
//= They have to go back to Santa Clues, tell him the word (type it, case does not matter)
//= to get another hint.
//= Each day gives 3 more hints, and with 3 hints of a day you can
//= then open the advent calendar box at the christmas tree
//= Successfully opening the box yields a reward
//===== Additional Comments: =================================
//= For debugging / testing, you can use the Debug-Helper
//= Simply whisper "NPC:XmasEvent" ingame with a gm level 99 account, to get
//= the debug npc dialogue.
//= It shows generic info about current accounts quest state
//= You can enable/disable it for testing purposes or in case of an imurgoncay
//= You can also set your (gm accounts) progress to a specific point, to check doors, hints, and rewards
//= So you do not have to do 23 days of questing to check if day 24 reward actuially works.


Minor changes have been made after that event happened on our server, mostly reogranized values and made sure that the rewards are common.

You are highly encouraged to change those to fit your server!
Values that can be changed are marked with
//= Setting:
in the script.

You may also want to edit the coordinates for santa clues, or the advent calendar/christmas tree.

The event is intended to be used with the christmas prontera map.

Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0

You can find this and maybe other NPC scripts in the future on my Github: https://github.com/LePrau/rathena_custom_npcs


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