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LMPQ - Ludi Maze Party Quest 1.0.0

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This LMPQ exists in MapleStory, I am just copy the idea of how it work, and try to port it into RO.
However, its far from perfect, originally I planned to get a custom map with x-mas theme, something like toy factory since it kinda match with MapleStory's Ludibrium town/dungeons. 
But plan failed, tried to approach several person to help me with some of the client side stuff, but not everyone have the free time or interested or maybe not willing to work on free maps/clientside release nowaday.
Anyhow, maybe you could just replace with your own custom map, or even better if you could share with everyone like I share the scripts. The more the merrier!

So, if anyone willing to help me with custom maps/client side edit, let me know ? . Sometime collaborating with others could make great contents for release to other member.


How it work:


  • The objective of this party quest is to collect at least a certain tickets by killing monsters and to reach Ludibrium Maze 16 (henceforth known as Room 16). 
  • Navigating through the maze needs a firm foundation of how the rooms operate.
  • When you have successfully entered into the maze, your party will be thrown into a random room.
  • Each type of monster drops a random amount of tickets at certain rate.
  • Some rooms consists of mystery treasure box that summon monsters upon destroyed.
  • These summoned monster has better loot value,  which are important factor to complete the PQ in a short period of time.
  • The more passes you have, the more experience points you will obtain at the end of the PQ.

There exists trick to conquer this PQ in a very short duration, I'm not gonna reveal/spoil how is it, and l'll just leave it to you to explore it.


Mirror Link : Pastebin





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