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Sader Attendance Requirement 1.0.0

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About This File

this patch make the player must have a variable true to claim his attendance reward


the variable is


ofc the variable change each day

this will allow you to create a script to make for example a quest that the player must do every day to claim the attendance

like for example the player must kill 500 monster before he can claim his attendance

or must gather items

or must be x level

or must player x amount of time in the day so he can claim the reward

of all the above

the file include an information script file

that have 2 function , one to set the variable and one to get the variable value (if you want to use them , just add them to your rathena/npc/other/Global_Functions.txt)

it also include 2 example quests for you to get some inspiration to create your own script



TODO: create function for gepard


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