Script command: itemlink to generate <ITEML> 1.0.0

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To simple generate <ITEML> string by using itemlink. <ITEML> is string that auto-parsed by client that support item link feature, when user SHIFT+Click the item or equipment.



Generate <ITEML> string for an item and can be used for npctalk, message,
dispbottom, and broadcast commands. The result is clickable-item name just
like from SHIFT+Click from player's inventory/cart/equipment window. In mes
command is still usable but the item name is not clickable.


    npctalk "Knife [3] : "+itemlink(1202)+"";
    npctalk "+16 Knife [3] : "+itemlink(1202,16)+"";
    npctalk "+13 BXB Bapho+VR+EA2+EA1 : "+itemlink(18110,13,4147,4407,4833,4832)+"";
    setarray [email protected]_values[0],3,5,20,0,0;
    setarray [email protected]_params[0],0,0,0,0,0;
    npctalk "+13 BXB Bapho+VR+EA2+EA1 + 3 Options : "+itemlink2(18110,13,4147,4407,4833,4832,[email protected]_ids,[email protected]_values,[email protected]_params)+"";

For RandomIDArray, RandomValueArray, and RandomParamArray only works if
client (& server is complied) with supporter Item Random Options feature is
PACKETVER >= 20150225. But using itemlink2, all command parameters must be
specified if PACKETVER is not supported, use dummy arrays to avoid errors!



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