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So the example usage for  Sub-query  part of Pull: 3272 can be tested by using this FluxCP Addon: Char Deletion Code for #3272. No source mod needed (iirc lol). The plot is to not using birthdate, email, nor pincode as deletion code for deleting character (the confirmation part after the char deletion date's turned blue). The code will be sent into the registered e-mail. This is not OTP (one true pair couple... errrr One-time Password) but has expiration time, so make sure your FluxCP has same timezone with your server timezone (don't ask me).


  1. Have this Pull Request merged into your working rAthena Pull: 3272
  2. For FluxCP from
  3. Tested only after
  4. Make sure your server enable to send e-mail
  5. You can edit the addons/delcode/module/create.php to disable Captcha check or merge this PR to your FluxCP


  1. Import table from char_delcode.sql into database that has your login table
  2. Copy addons/delcode directory to your FluxCP's addons directory
  3. Edit the char_deletion_code value to
    char_deletion_code: (SELECT `delcode` FROM `char_delcode` WHERE `account_id`=`login`.`account_id` AND `expired` > NOW() ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 1)
  4. Copy data/templates/delcode.php to data/templates directory on your FluxCP's

That's all


Example Usage

PS: The menu labels were edited


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