Different Item Requirement for Skill in PVP/GVG Maps 20191016-9da3ad14


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About This File

As the title says, in case you want to change (an example) Acid Bottle to Sate (eng. Satay) for skill requirements (Acid Terror) at PVP Maps, then replace Coating Bottle to Coconut at GVG Maps for skill requirements (Full Chemical Protection), you can use this.


  • The diff was made for rAthena Git Hash: 129812d6 / 2018-10-05
  • Or at least when rAthena supports .yml
  • For other version or emulator: you need to contact me first before download this file, so I can make it work for your need.

By downloading/buying this source, you are agree to

  • "I will only use this source modification for my own private server not as group, not as company, not as group of servers and never redistribute to other people even they are my close friends or my parent. If I get trouble to apply this modification or  when I need someone to update, I will only contact Cydh. And I agree to get extra fee if want this modification for other emulator than rAthena or if I want to some big changes for this modification. I promise."



What's New in Version 20191016-9da3ad14   See changelog


  • Updates for Git Hash: 9da3ad14 (20191016)
  • A new diff file named skill_requirement_alt_options.diff for schema "if player has Jellopy, then use it instead normal-required-item for Skill A. Use it your own risk (video)