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Come to join a pvp match where you'll have to defeat as much ennemies as possible before God decide you'll have to die

The highest points rate will be rewarded, others will too but in a lowest range.
At start, you'll have a random amount of time to earn as much points as possible. Cause a God may come back to Midgard to punish you. Kill him to earn an insane amount of point. But if he kills you, his wrath will consume your points!

Enables first player to configure the game duration at will (5, 10 or 15 minutes), and diffuse announce for players attraction.

Configuration enabled: Price to enter, number of player to start the game, duration enabled

Command: allowing use of @deboard, to get a score board for each player in game


Credits: Do not claim my work as yours.

Feel free to use it, even modify it, but leave the credit on file header

Special Warning: This content was first designed on Hercules Emulator. While being tested, there must be some error or bugs. Feel free to report them so I can fix them.

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