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You know when you login to your server that you work on, or even play on, and you always end up typing the same commands each time before you even say hello to anyone? @autoloot, then @uptime to see when the last reboot was, @rates if you've got fluctuating exp/drop rates, etc etc. @showexp cos you want to know what's going on, blah blah blah.

With this Settings NPC, a player can set those commands to automatically execute when they login. These are account based, but could easily be modified to char based. Following the general format of the script, it should be easy to add/remove commands from those available to the player.

@main is listed at the bottom of the script, so if you don't use it you may as-well remove that line.

This script is years old, revamped to make it work with recent revisions - I've tested it on both our live server, and my dev server and seems to work.. but if you find any bugs or glitches, or something that could be optimised a bit more, please let me know 👍

What's New in Version 2.0


  • Revamped original script, reducing account-based variables from 12 per char to just 2 per char. Hurrah for bitmasking!
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