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Flower Counting Game 4.1

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About This File

This is a Mini Game that required players / participants to count for the Correct Amount of Monster specific by NPC.

The NPC will show a group of monsters specified by Scripts and will Select a Monster within it.

All player have to do is .... calculate the Answer and SHOUT IT OUT !!!

The Game will auto Restart if any Players killed 1 of these Monsters.

Configuration :

// Min. GM Level to access GM Panelset .GMLevel,80;// Game Locationset .Map$,"prontera";// Monster ID Listssetarray .MonsterList[0],1084,1085;// Winners Answer Delay ( Not advised for High Value )set .Delay,10;// Spam Prevention ( Not advised for High Value )set .Spam,3;// How many roundsset .MaxRound,2;// Area Coordination <x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>;setarray .Coordinate,153,146,159,153;

Reward :

// Rewards ...setarray .Reward$[0],   "#CASHPOINTS","100",   "Zeny","100000",   "7227","10",  // "CustomVariable","100000",  // "#CustomVariable","100000",   "7539","100";

Reminder :

Use those Monster that are NOT AGGRESIVE & CANT MOVE

Otherwise, you server will flooded by Monsters.

What's New in Version 4.0   See changelog


  • [ 1.0 ] - A mini monster counting Game.
  • [ 2.0 ] - Fixed incorrect monster count..
  • [ 3.0 ] - Added Time Delay for Answering to prevent Spammer. Renamed to Counting Game
  • [ 4.0 ] - Fixed Spam Setting, removed GM Spam Delay.

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