Customize your iteminfo with import 1.0.0

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About This File

this an example and template on how you Customize your iteminfo

read the ReadMe!! file before you ask anything

this work as the import folders in rathena (if you don't know what i mean than i suggest you use rathena search or google)



the way it work:

you add your custom and edited items in the import iteminfo file

you add kro iteminfo file

you add the server url in the function file

the client will read the iteminfo import first than the kro iteminfo

than you can update your kro iteminfo at anytime you need without any edit to it

without the need to re-add your custom and edited items to a new kro iteminfo


the kro_iteminfo included is from

this file is added for example on how you use it

i suggest you get the last iteminfo after you make sure there is no error!

i would highly suggest you check out his great project every time you want to update your iteminfo!



Please report any error in the forum post not in the PM , Thanks.


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