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About Me

~ No longer active on this site. ~


I'm femaleeeee.



Fun fact: I met my husband while playing Deliverance RO. We've known each-other since we were about 12. No it wasn't love at first sight, in fact I had many crushes but he wasn't one (though I still thought he was cute, personality wise). We talked on and off for years and he randomly messaged me after a few years, we got to talking, realized we had a lot of similar interests, and stuff happened. After dating online for 3 years we met in person, I moved in with him a year after that. :) We are married as of 7/26/16!


Hummm. I started playing Ragnarok when I discovered Naruto (in my narutard days) was something called "Anime". I told a friend of mine about my discovery and she googled it, but typo'd and accidentally searched "Anima" instead. She found "Anima RO" and told me it was a "game or something", so I checked it out and started playing, and here I am today 8D Yes, that is a true story. I've tried to play the official RO several times, but UGH, THE GRINDING. So yeah. Private servers are stuck with me. 8D I played Deliverance RO after Anima, then Rebirth, then Woon. At the moment I do not actively play, though.

I seem to always be working on a server called Absinthe RO, for a friend, because I need a slave driver (though he has stopped driving me so ;A;). ;D It probably won't be done for a long time, I might officially host it but still won't consider it "done". [ My original desktop with all of my server files and mass horde of sprites was infected with cryptowall and I lost everything. This has severely affected my motivation on continuing the development of Absinthe RO, but I still want to. It's just finding that drive again. I've decided I want to finish my WIP sprites and then, because I don't have anything else, I will reluctantly start to delve in the development again. ]

As for Wolfeh herself (THIRD PERSON TIEM) she absolutely loves merle dogs. Some see those pretty blue eyes as scary or signs that a dog is blind when really it is not, but those eyes stand out to her, and not only because they are blue. She sees more expression in blue eyes than she does brown, because you can see the pupil in a blue eye better than you can a brown one, so she finds it easier to communicate and bond with dogs who have blue eyes due to that. I mean seriously, who couldn't love these pretty blue eyes? Merles are highly misunderstood in the AKC (American Kennel Club) world, and she is determined to be an advocate for the merle gene and show there is nothing to fear!




[Dogs' genetics from left to right: red sable merle roan, red merle roan, red merle roan, red merle roan (and also same dog as second dog). Names: Godiva, Romeo, Angel, and Romeo again. Breeds: first is American Cocker x Shih Tzu, all others are purebred American Cocker Spaniels with AKC papers and are registered. Romeo actually came from two buff parents whom neither openly appeared to be merle. He produced merle puppies when bred to a piebald dog, confirming his genetics. Angel came from a purebred merle cocker breeder.]


Some things you should know:

Blue eyes do not equal blindness, I don't know why people think this, probably because they don't know the difference between the iris and the pupil, but it merely has to do with the pigment of the iris, a muscle in our eyeball which helps filter light from our retina. Blue eyed humans are not that different from merle dogs at all, our blue eyes are pigment and mutation related. However I have seen breeders with cataracts in their lines blame blindness on merle, most likely to protect their reputation and redirect the blame.

Merle does not equal deafness, in fact research seems to point more to extreme piebaldism (piebaldism is basically what makes a dog color and white and is a pigment gene, a dog who is extreme in piebald markings has very little- if any color, on themselves. Therefore if the face is also lacking color, it will affect the iris, causing blue eyes which is not related to the merle gene) being the cause in deaf merles than merle actually being the cause, but that of course depends on what research you look at. The AKC prefers to look at outdated german research done on dachshunds with an inaccurate hearing range which was based off of one dog in the group. Now-and-days we know the correct hearing range and have done more correct tests. Double merles are more likely to be deaf and blind but are not always either of these things. Double merles occur when two merles are bred together. Normally a merle is bred to a solid dog or piebald dog and that dilutes the color of any solid or piebald puppy, but when two merles are bred together, there is no solidity to be found be it solid or piebald, therefore you get two dilution genes doubling up on each other and bad things happen...

Merle is dominant over roan, sable is dominant over merle, merle does affect red dogs but is hardly visible on them, interesting eh? What I've discovered in my dog breeding research, but I still have a lot more research and breeding to do before I can really be definitive on it. Through the years I've discovered it isn't hard to make a "cryptic" merle at all, yet dog breeders who work with merle act like cryptic merles are a rarity and amazing find whenever they see one. You just need a sable or red dog and poof! You have a cryptic! A cryptic merle is a dog who is merle but does not show signs of it (diluted patches of color, blue eyes) except for maybe some hints here and there (like a diluted patch in the armpit but no-where else) which only a trained eye can find.

Blue eyed huskies are not merle, and a blue eyed merle is not similar to a husky in any way. It is not known what causes blue eyes in huskies but it is believed to be a recessive gene, but it is not dilution related. Though there are piebald huskies and I'm sure extreme piebald huskies, there are still huskies with solid masks who have blue eyes, thus, not being pigment related. This gene is sometimes found in dogs such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and in Border Collies, as well as a few others, perhaps even some rare breeds.


If you want to learn more/see more of my images/research:


Godiva's merle

Romeo's parents and color changes (Due to roan/merle, "changes" not meaning that he literally changes color, meaning he gains color through ticking/roaning, and compare it to regular roaning, it is different)

One of Romeo's pups when bred to a red and white, no merle dog. Pup is clearly merle therefore confirming his genetics.

Thor's merling and sable effects (One of Godiva's pups)

Merle roan pad halo's (The one solid piece of evidence that a pup/dog is roan, is something called "halo's" on the paw pads at around one to two weeks of age, this pup was 19 days or a little over two weeks)

Merle roan ticking development

Roan with no modifiers vs. merle roan

Black, red, and chocolate merles (Note the virtually invisible merling on the red pup, meaning she is cryptic)




Besides that, her interests tend to wander around randomly, and she has many other interests (I cannot stress the 'many' enough).

She loves wolves, as her username suggests (and as you might have guessed), but not in a romantic way, meaning she is not a zoophiliac or a furry (in case you were wondering...) She believes they do need to be hunted, but they should not be seen as the demonic creatures that the media and anti's make them out to be, and should be hunted responsibly with science, not assumptions. The world for wolves right now is simply amazing, in a shocking and disturbing way.


If you read all of this, YOU DESERVE A COOKIE.




These are my girls, Aphrodite and Godiva. I bred them myself, they are both American Cocker Spaniel x Shih Tzu. Godiva is an F1 and Aphrodite is an F3 (bred twice back to Shih Tzu). I love them very much, they are my babies. I shave them in the summer because I don't want them to suffer in the heat because I want them to look cute and fluffy. I want them to be comfortable like I am. In the winter, I let their fur grow out. I groom them myself because I don't want a mean and ignorant groomer laying their hands on them (which there are many, trust me. I was forced to work with one such person. It was horrible, as you can imagine.)




Before and after being shaved for the summer. Godiva looks derpy because I have a tasty treat, and she is highly food motivated (because of that cocker in her).





I fostered several dogs in Wichita Falls, TX. This was one of them named Pig, he was a super adorable little Chihuahua. Aphrodite gave her bed to him. :)




Speaking of fosters... I will include them here too, because why not? They will forever be in my heart, I loved each and every one of them very dearly. <3 A little back story is: I was employed by a shelter for a year. During that time I saw a lot of amazing and sweet dogs get put to sleep, and I tried my best to save the good ones (some dogs were severely aggressive or had been so poorly socialized they could not be rehomed, including a gorgeous Cane Corso who I tried really hard to bring around, but we can't save them all). But this is how I know the back stories to my dogs.


Lydia was my first, she was severely dog aggressive so she was also the one I had the longest. She was most likely abused by a man, as she was terrified of them, except for a rare few, mostly older men. She would growl and snarl at them. One man sneezed in front of her and she did a very dramatic leap and shook and growled at him. Another lifted his hand to cover his cough and she flinched thinking he was going to hit her. But she was also the absolute sweetest, a cuddler and huge lover. She went to a woman who wanted a good guard dog. She had a husband who didn't like her but the woman loved her so much, she took her anyway, lol. :)




This is Pepper. I got in trouble for saving her (lets just say, my current living circumstances, they didn't want me fostering dogs, this one changed their hearts a little). My coworker begged me, with tears, to save her. I knew I was getting in trouble but upon seeing how sweet she was, and that they were going to put her down in hours, I took the plunge. She unfortunately was dog aggressive, but pregnant, and another absolute lover like Lydia. Upon her coming in she was terrified, so she attacked the catch pole that brought her in and behaved aggressively towards people, so they thought she was an aggressive dog. Thankfully they allowed me to take her and she was another that touched me very deeply. She had to go to another foster as quickly as possible, as I said, I was in trouble, but I still went on to foster small dogs (per agreement with the landlords) and I saw her at an adoption event. As soon as she realized who I was, her whole demeanor and expression changed. I have never seen such a dramatic reaction in a dog ever. She jumped on me and pawed me until I petted her and I loved on her and she will forever be in my heart.




Calico and Pig, well... Calico and Pig. They were just dorks. Calico was pretty independent, Pig was the cuddler and lover but he was very afraid of strangers. Calico got adopted quickly, Pig took a little longer, but I was tempted to keep him. He was very, very smart, he loved to cuddle and sleep in my lap, and my favorite feature of his is whenever I laughed, he would howl, and that would make me laugh harder, making him howl louder, lol. They were in the shelter's adoption program but were being overlooked, so I convinced my boss to let me take them. (They also barked very loudly whenever we walked past their cages, we were all being driven nuts, so for the sake of all our sanity, I agreed to take them for my fellow workers, lol. They changed completely in a house environment.)





This was my last one Daisy. She was abused by someone, very horribly. She came in with a blood shot eye, hot abdomen, and stiff as a board (meaning she was very, very scared). In her cage she would just hide, all the time, anyone interested in seeing her, she would hide. She had been tagged by another shelter, but I took her out from under them because I knew she would be put to sleep and not find a home there because of her lack of interaction with people. The entire time I had her I just carried her around and kept her in bed with me, as she was so terrified, traumatized, and refused to do anything but hide. Even when in bed with me she would try to hide, but I wouldn't let her. I wanted her to know she was safe. She started relaxing a bit before she found a home on her first adoption event. :)





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