December Digest 2017

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December Digest 2017
The following digest covers the month of December, 2017.


Staff Changes

  • None.

Development Highlights

  • CORE:
    • Added support for custom constant import (7c1a8827)
    • Fixed an issue with invisible item shops (f7bc3bca)
    • Fixed title selection in UI window (4dde4c66)
    • Fixed atcommand where parsing (c5b7850a)
    • Fixed script commands for Item Option (1e1bd71e)
    • Refactorized status_change_timer (00d8ace8, d08bc1ce)
    • Adjusted script command sc_end_class to accept an optional job ID (1b68303f)
    • Added November and December clients (15e509fe)
    • Fixed character variable lengths and char-server (7a1a76a9, 88e48ed6)
    • Resolved some miscellaneous typos (1ae1e312)
    • Prevents accessing a nullpointer from a non existant mob when using mobsearch (a0c8961e)
    • Fixed a crash caused by setquest in login events (6e7e97ca)
    • Corrected mapcache build (eb8f33e4)
    • Updated Pet catching values (9315781a)
    • Exported the pet catch constant (d4436769)
    • Switched mob db searches to find (65771a8e)
    • Fixed a bug with Neutral Barrier and duel atcommand (5ad35eb6)
    • Relocated restricted equip failure check (5e2dd2af)
    • Cleaned up renewal ASPD calculations (ae69e506)
    • Optimized dynamic memory allocation for duel atcommand (716f6c0f, e385e167)
    • Updated pet script command (d19ba918)
    • Added Rune Knight to atcommand bodystyle (1f0ea81d, 5602bb04)
    • Corrected Magical Ring bonus (b00f3bcf)
    • Corrected Gray and Thanatos equipment sets (da152c6f)
    • Corrected some item bonuses (37b95826)
    • Corrected Item ID 14677 (Limited Power Booster) (f639c001)
    • Corrected Celine Kimi Card (5531fef9)
    • Updated Sorcerer Insignia Skills (0f33de9b)
    • Fixed Giant Growth & Crush Strike damage bonus (ab1fa803)
    • Corrected Hervor (Item ID 2181) (346fcef5)
    • Corrected Chain Lightning behavior (947875d2)
    • Corrected Drooping Pope (758e319d)
    • Resolved enchants not executing unequip script (b3e67d21)
    • Corrected Snowman Hat, Holy Mom Love, Event Xmas Cake item script (fa35e8b9)
    • Corrected Adventurer Pack (13721c10)
    • Corrected Supplement Part Dex (4302fe64)
    • Removed Duplicate Entries in Renewal Quest DB (b4ce1e3d)
    • Corrected Evil Marcher Hat (84085d7e)
    • Updated Megingard Seal Quest (bb4a88a3)
    • Fixed wrong npc name in npc/events/xmas.txt (336a475d)
    • Disabled root/admin user check for build bots (812e3a9a)
    • Added the custom and test scripts to the buildbot (b3cfd122)
    • Added support for windows admin detection (f59298ad)
    • Add few test to travis and appveyor (53db435, 0fa57e2b)
    • Corrected the Windows runserver script (34a905df)
    • Introduced utilities to gradually replace utils (fd8e1fe2)
    • Added /src/config/packet.h clarification (6afc3625)
    • Updated status change documentation (7113743c)
    • Updated script command npcskill documentation (33bfe1d2)
    • Fixed a compilation warning on winapi.cpp (b9981b2e)
    • Fixes potential map server crashes (5a80f29b)
    • Resolved a compile error (e88785b1)


  • Excluding merges, 13 authors have pushed 63 commits to master and 86 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 81 files have changed.
  • There have been 1,772 additions and 823 deletions.
  • There are 42 merged Pull Requests and 7 Proposed Pull Requests.
  • There are 16 new Issues and 47 Closed Issues.

List of Contributors

  • @4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @anacondaqq, @Atemo, @AthenaStudioz, @Badarosk0, @cydh, @Everade, @exneval, @flamefury, @gusjungsza, @hnomkeng, @hurtsky, @ignizh, @Jeybla, @keitenai, @Lemongrass3110, @lighta, @Lilori, @mazvi, @mrjnumber, @MuzTank, @Paoly28, @Questune09, @rAthenaCN, @reymarbc, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @Sweet520, @syracuase, @Tokeiburu, @uddevil, @Vennren, @whupdo

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1 hour ago, nanakiwurtz said:
  • There are 16 new Issues and 47 Closed Issues.


I like this tendention.

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