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  1. I do not know about x86, because long time not using it. I stick to x64, but release builds compiled for x86 platform. What about VS, try VS 2017 for example.
  3. the profile and all patches inside exe/ folder in NEMO folder in your misc files (05 folder).
  5. Your open server is offline. Make sure your Open Server running and you see green flag.
  6. athena-start script bugged, I can confirm this and this command can provoke issues with several servers running at the same time (two login servers, two char servers, or even two map-servers or more). You must make sure that you running only one server at one time. Optionally, I recommend to try to follow next guide: this guide super friendly for newbies and you can visually control which servers are running and always easy to track where is the problem.
  7. not sure about this, really, because even to me this is confusing thing. Yes, looks like it is v5, but I'm not sure... Need to verify and check it on the github of zacks work. Hi, try this one. And also very interesting, why link died (old one). Anyway, thank you for the report.
  8. NEMO, all inside the package. And inside the NEMO folder you can find applied_patches.log file which can be used by NEMO to apply all patches what I did applied to the exe.
  9. readme.txt there is a guide how manually update. Or watch the video. No, sorry, I do not know how to help you. Read the first topic header (first post in this topic by me) and follow each link. And you will find the answers to your question. No. You need recompile the server-side for using with this. And turn off your hexed exe packet obf. I do not understand what do you want. You need to change <servicetype> and <langtype> inside your clientinfo.xml inside your data/ or grf files. To values from here: I think this is rAthena bug. But I'm not sure.
  10. Hi, not sure if it will help you, but at least worth trying: