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  1. rAthena not compatible with this bundle due to a lot of broken parts inside the sources. Any other emulator (herc, 3ceam, eathena, brathena, cronus) works pretty fine out the box.
  2. Try this one: modified bad files (extract to rathena folder).rar?dl=0
  3. Features request (can be applied to any control panel what people trying to develop on any language): account registration with access only to login table (user, pass, captcha, email confirmation, sex, birthdate (optional)), referral nickname). account management: reset pass, re-sent login to email character management: reset hair style, hair color, cloth style, last map, save a map, homunculus/mercenary/pet (clean it) master account inside which you can make a game accounts do not use any bloated shit, and use only the latest modern and well-tested components. do not make bloated code or features. html5/less/css3/ (optional) + js follow any modern/good/ easy to use or modify templates. This is a key feature. If devs can build beautiful websites easy - your CP will grow. If not - y our CP will die. security, verify ALL user input, do not trust to users at all. Use as less code as you can, verify everything caching which will work with speed, Nginx FastCGI, or redis, or anything else (important against DDOS attacks) donation module: paypal, stripe, cryptocurrency, any other payment method.
  4. Only someone from official server can confirm or reject this statement. I spent some time analyzing it, and I can reproduce this problem on all client versions since 2010 up to 2017 and on different emulators (eathena, rathena, hercules). But in the packet structure we have a place for "refine", but I do not know why it is not displayed...
  5. Hi, maybe you did not applied properly the diff? Make sure that you have edited next files: src/custom/ // Cashshop UI item currency shop: { "cashshop_currency_itemid", &battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid, 0, 0, MAX_ITEMID, }, src/custom/ // Cashshop currency ItemID shop int cashshop_currency_itemid; conf/battle/items.conf // Instead of Cashpoints in Cashshop UI (interface) // Use ITEMID with ID below. The item must exists in the game // The item must have tradable flags, etc like a normal item // Instead of cashpoints will be consumed the item from players inventory // Set it to 0 if you wish completely disable the system. // Max ID = 65k cashshop_currency_itemid: 505 src/map/cashshop.cpp Find (inside function cashshop_buylist): if(pc_paycash( sd, totalcash, kafrapoints, LOG_TYPE_CASH ) <= 0){ clif_cashshop_result( sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH ); return false; Replace to: // Custom code for using instead of cashpoints itemID as a currency in cashshop UI shop. if(battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid) { struct item_data *id_cash_currency = itemdb_search(battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid); if (!id_cash_currency) { clif_cashshop_result(sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH); ShowError("cashshop_currency_itemid: %d itemID not exists in the game, try another one.\n", battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid); return false; } int item_idx = pc_search_inventory(sd, battle_config.cashshop_currency_itemid); if (item_idx < 0 || pc_delitem(sd, item_idx, totalcash, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME)) { clif_cashshop_result(sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH); return false; } } else // Original Function { if (pc_paycash(sd, totalcash, kafrapoints, LOG_TYPE_CASH) <= 0) { clif_cashshop_result(sd, 0, CASHSHOP_RESULT_ERROR_SHORTTAGE_CASH); return false; } Recompile. Tested with latest github hash
  6. If you're using a package provided from me by the link above in my post. All that you need to do is: Run OpenServer (click red flag -> Start Server, make sure you have a green flag, not yellow, not a red flag in your tray) Run emulator which delivered with the package, any other emulator WILL NOT work with this setup, because they're not configured to connect to the database inside OpenServer Run game client. That it. Really 3 steps If you do not use my package from the link above (because you still not confirm it yet), try to read my topic and first post. If you can't even understand in the ultimate simple manner written and super simplified text with examples what is going on, then I do not know who will be able to help you.
  7. Let me explain. Not all content available in the emulator. Simply because someone HAVE TO add it. That means that developers or contributors of rAthena add items manually to the database, and what you see in item_db.txt it's a year of work of gathering items. Item object divided into two parts: client-side, an emulator. Client-side related to officials, emulator to rAthena contributors. Officials release some item at some day and release patches for their grfs to include these files into a client. Some contributor may or may not try to catch these items and add them to emulator, or another contributor could or could not translate the item or add or not add the item (description part) to their translated files. Also, officials can or can not (depends on nobody knows) remove at any time any sprite from the game too (client side). So, if summarize the wall of text above -> everything very agile and grounded on many factors and many people and many decisions and many works. If you do not see some content in the game in the emulator part probably nobody added it yet and nobody knows when the items will add to the emulator. The same was related to the client part. All that you can to do is manually add the required items to your client (translation part, description, where item located, what preview image will be displayed, what the item description, who can wear, and so on) add to your ItemInfo.lua, or / and to your import/item_db.txt by using tools like SDE or by using examples. All that you need to have a sprite file. If you can get somewhere sprite files (for example with GRF Editor from GRF (advice: check the first accessoryid.lub, and accname.lub files at the end of the list for headgears)). So, nothing "simple". There is "click 1 button to update and automatically add items to your game client/emulator". This is very critical to understand because you're at development community of the emulator which the main goal - development for education purposes, skills, fun, whatever, and this is NOT about "releasing a complete and ready product". Again, I wish underline it one more time, because a lot of people do not understand this statement. If you missing something - try to find the missing part by yourself, or write it by yourself. Yes, it will be hard, also you can hire someone who will do it for you for money, but there is no "easy path or 1 click to "make me happy".
  8. Try this Not tested, I just wrote the code while doing something else, it can not work at all, or can have dozens of bugs, or even critical problems or even crashes. Use it on your own risk. cashshop_ui_itemid_as_currency.diff
  9. at least please watch the video. Or read topic. It's super easy, just 5 steps.
  11. cashshop UI? (cash shop button?) If yes - almost not possible. But there is itemshop
  12. misc/nemo/exe find this folder No I can't help you with this. Re-download files again, looks like they're broken or I dunno. Hi, thank you for the report. But for some reason, I can't reproduce it. Can you make sure that you're using all files from the package? Use SDE (server database editor) to view all items existing in the game.