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  1. Yes, you can. Open src/common/mapindex.hpp: //Some definitions for the mayor city maps. #define MAP_PRONTERA "prontera" #define MAP_GEFFEN "geffen" #define MAP_MORROC "morocc" #define MAP_ALBERTA "alberta" #define MAP_PAYON "payon" #define MAP_IZLUDE "izlude" #define MAP_ALDEBARAN "aldebaran" #define MAP_LUTIE "xmas" #define MAP_COMODO "comodo" In the head of the file. Add your own map there Then open atcommand.cpp and add your map.
  2. Hi, yes, I think this client not support soul reaper sprite and skills. Need to use something like end of 2018 exes or even 2019 exes. But rathena does not support it yet.
  3. After a lot of testing, the guide is NOT actual for 2019 MSBuild tools. Because the size of the community build tools is about 4.6GB, while the WHOLE installation of the complete package required for rAthena is just 5.6GB or 6.6GB with IDE. This is not worth it. If you wish to save your internet traffic and disk space, I have for you a piece of bad news... The only way is to use old 2017 build tools and downloading them from somewhere... An alternative method will be cygwin like packages, but they are not compatible with rathena only source code after last changes with epoll changes, yaml crap libs inside include dirs which implemented not properly and not only. All of these things make impossible to use 300mb archive with compiler and cygwin for compiling the emulator (see my another topic in Projects and Concepts). What to do? or install buildtools for VS2017 or install buildtools for VS2015 or install Visual Studio 2013 The size will be less than in latest VS 2019 compile.cmd for VS Buildtools 2019 @Echo OFF Echo "Building solution/project file using batch file" SET PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\BuildTools\MSBuild\Current\Bin SET SolutionPath=%~dp0\rAthena.sln Echo Start Time - %Time% MSbuild.exe %SolutionPath% /p:PlatformToolset=v142 /m Echo End Time - %Time% Set /p Wait=Build Process Completed... Just copy-paste it to compile.cmd if you're using buildtools 2019, and copy-paste compile.cmd to your rathena folder, and run, it will compile the code without VS Studio Community 2019 IDE
  4. You don't need to download 12.3gb of data, around 3GB or even 1.5GB by using MSBuild Tools Or: About the upgrade: I explained in the post about the update how to do it, and also whole theory several times, sorry I will not explain it another 10 times the same thing which is not changed for years Second: updated kRO is not really what you need, yes you can download it, but only optionally, the pack will work with old kRO client just fine Third: in the last 01 June 2019 update changed only emulator part (and recompiled) so maximum what needs to download up to 300mb instead of 3GB or 12.3GB of data. Download, extract, play (if you played before on 2019 April 27 update)
  5. Install Windows SDK (usually it's installed by default when you install Visual Studio Community 2019 or 2017 and select C++). Then, right click on the solution -> Retarget Solution -> OK -> Clean Solution -> Build Solution. If source code correct - everything will work fine.
  6. In options of OSPanel (modules tab) you can turn off everything except mysql server, you don't really need all of these there.
  7. Do not follow old guides for adding items. If you do not see in the guide ItemInfo.lua - skip the guide. There are historically two versions of clients <= 20120410 which has one file structure and before big changes how items structures information stored inside the game client, and after 20120410 up to now, with small changes inside ItemInfo.lua. Find better a guides with ItemInfo.lua and without idnumrestable or like that
  8. Usually, it is enough to make fonts readable and follow your system settings. Otherwise, use NEMO to increase font size by applying a font-size increased patch which can break your whole client alignment of the elements or even do many worst things.
  9. script_commands.txt --------------------------------------- *addspiritball <count>,<duration>{,<char_id>}; Adds spirit ball to player for 'duration' in milisecond. --------------------------------------- *delspiritball <count>{,<char_id>}; Deletes the spirit ball(s) from player. --------------------------------------- *countspiritball {<char_id>}; Counts the spirit ball that player has. ---------------------------------------
  10. This is very interesting. Because in PRE-RE izlude map is modified (replaced with the old version of izlude afaik, might be wrong) There are 5 different links for the game client, 3 different types of downloading (via each file in folder, or downloading whole folder, or downloading already pre-created archive, or downloading just some parts). From RO offline side there is no problem at all.
  11. please show phpinfo Or you could not show the phpinfo. The reasons can be next: wrong user (webserver works under some user, files under another user, for example because you uploaded though ssh root user files to your host but not from control panel directly). The solution can be: just remove all files (but backup them first again) and try again upload files but via plesk. this is an old file, and not really needed, it's generated once when you open website and store in cache config. So you can try to remove the file, and webserver should create the file again. But do not remove all files, only files with .cache.php also, it can be disabled php fopen() command, or php user is different to your website files.
  12. No, you did not get me at all. There is impossible (almost) to make a "please select your language" without writing a lot of code and writing custom programs for this purpose some kind of patchers or like that. I wrote about the easy solution to your needs. You need to do next: prepare a game client for the English language prepare a game client for your native language or a language what you wish to deliver to players in the separate game folder you must have two different folders of two different game clients with two different languages Now create or SFX archive (self-extracted one with 7z SFX builders or tools like that) or much easier - google for inno setup or inno-setup like alternatives and try all of them. Almost all installer creation tools offer to you (who building the final installer) to add checkboxes where a player on the stage of installing your product can select what version of the client he wanted to pick. English or for example a French one. Because of deduplication of data, and if you will use solid archiving you can save pretty compressed archive which will be around the same as your original English one + files what translated to another language. (this is an option inside installer setup tools) Now a player or any other guy run installer, and he sees: "To continue installation select a.) English; b.) French language" and a player will be forced to pick a version/language what he likes. Optionally you can create a bat script or PowerShell script which will do language switching by replacing or even re-downloading remotely files with correct translation per a language that you want. The main thing that you must understand - there are no simple solutions.
  13. Possible. But on a stage of installer and only with pre-defined correct translation per language. On server-side also possible too, cydh did it long time ago, also in hercules this is built-in feature.
  14. Hi, to understand how to do properly update you need to understand the next simple thing: RO is an emulator + database + game client Emulator connected to a database Emulator responsible for the database Emulator store different game data inside the database (all) Even your players, items, all in the database. Database = used for not losing your data. In other words, if you turn off your pc, and then boot again and will try to log in you will see your items what you had before termination of the PC. So the database is the place where data is stored. What is `upgrade`? It's replacing your old files to a new one taken from the official repository. Repository = it's a place where developers do changes to the emulator day after day, month after month. All changes what they do you can see, a "one logical change" for example adding some feature or a fixing a bug usually called "commit". Commit it's a mix of changes in different files with some comment which describes what is happening here. Commits used for tracking all changes in time. For example today I wrote something, tomorrow it broke, so I can open a git log (list of commits) and see what happen and what lines I did touch which probably broke the emulator. Again: a database is a place where stored data generated by emulator because of players activity in the game, like getting items from mobs, moving, using stylists, etc. The database in my package stored in the OSPanel mysql server. OSPanel = bundle of free software servers packed and prepared for easy usage for end users and everything is portable. Usually, you need manually configured everything, install, bound to your operation system, etc things. OSPanel have inside: web server (required for displaying sites hosted on your local pc), php interpretation it's a thing which read PHP and converts it to dynamic pages, and MySQL server. It's a server that manages databases. Inside the MySQL server, you have 4 databases that I did create. 2 databases for renewal server, 2 databases for pre-renewal server. For pre-re we have rathena_prere_db, rathena_prere_log db, for renewal, we have rathena_renewal_db, rathena_renewal_log or like that, I do not remember. Inside these databases, you can see your data. You can do whatever you want with these databases with for example any graphical editor like PHPMYADMIN or HeidiSQL, or DBeaver, like watch tables in the database, checking columns, editing any data what you wish manually, applying different scripts to make automatic very complex things though SQL language which supports MySQL server. These scripts called "querries". Your emulator sending to mysqlserver "querries" with pre-defined commands what to do, for example find all players online and return me number how many users in game, or for example: find all players who have a knife XX, or delete item XX from database, or whatever you wish to do with a data. At this point, you should realize that for success upgrade you need to save just somehow your game database where is all of your data stored. This is correct, but there are some nuances. For example, rAthena developers time to time for implementing more features or for fixing bugs changing database column/tables structure data types, etc thing. They change it in src code and in sql table. When they do these changes, they release a patch that needs important to the game database which will automatically upgrade the database and all data because of this "patch" to structures of database/columns/ tables to the latest actual one. For example usually inside SQL-files/upgrades these files stored. They have a name format: <data>_<db>.sql As you see developers not frequently touch databases and structures, but still do these changes to keep emulator with many features, etc things. So here is a nuance: If the developer will write some changes and will apply these changes to the emulator codebase. And if you will NOT apply this update to make data structures on database what expect to see emulator = you will see errors in your char/login/map-server depends on the database which is broken, it can provoke data lose (and probably will, because data will not be stored, because MySQL server will read a query and will try to verify can a MySQL server query be executed and data will fill or not fill a column in table in a database or not, if not) you will, for example, will receive an item in the game, but your data will not be saved for example in item database, and when you will re-login (when you log in/ re-login and while you're playing emulator sending data to database to save) you will not find your item. So, in short, the nuance very easy: you must keep emulator, SQL-upgrades equal. In other words, if you wish to upgrade emulator - you need manually check that upgrades (SQL patches) applied to your database too (if there are any released, if not released -not need to apply anything). These SQL patches applied only once to database, and not need to apply them every time. Just once to change the structure of data in the database. What is left? Upgrading emulator. Upgrading emulator is just one command: git pull origin which will download and merge all data with git magic to your repository, and every time when any file inside /src/ folder changed you need to recompile your emulator. About how to upgrade client - nothing really hard too. And then make sure that there are no SQL patches so you can safely use an emulator with your current database. That how upgrade in theory and in practice looks like, I did explain it in the readme and on the video (afaik) A short guide on how to upgrade: - upgrade emulator - make sure that there are no SQL patches for your database since the last update if any - apply these patches with PHPMyAdmin for example - now compile emulator - try to run it if no SQL or any other errors - everything is good.
  15. Update 01 June 2019: updated emulator (several small changes) updated kRO client nothing else changed updated links and added mirrors first topic post updated. This is a very small update. All package files re-uploaded to different cloud storages. Short: kRO client, exe, OSPanel, database, translation project (client files) - still the same. The only emulator upgraded. So if you wish to upgrade your emulator and you're using old 27 April 2019 package, just replace your current emulator files with a new one (use another folder, do not copy-paste anything from one folder to another). Just download 01_emulator and extract it somewhere. Everything else leave untouched and the emulator will work just fine. Hash:
  16. For receiving the help you need the next things to do: Understand what do you want Understand what do you have Understand how to write it properly to clarify for example me (because you're asking me) about your problem If English is not your native language, you can always use any very good translators like, or Add screenshots of the problem Add screenshots and steps what you do and how to reproduce your problem The emulator has a built-in engine which checks for errors and problems inside scripts. If you're trying to load a script with errors in the code you will see these errors in your map-server (red text)
  17. In this package, you can do whatever you want. Yes, you can change NPC's items, descriptions, NPC names, write your own NPCs and many other things. Can you show this news npc code? I do not know why your screen freezes. There are a lot of potential problems (95% of them related to mising files, or viruses, or whatever on your PC side).
  18. /nc or /ns and also gvg flag remove from the map mapflags/gvg.txt
  19. To be clear I know about this bug. I hate this bug. I do not know what is the real reason for that, and what is going on. Because both characters from both windows in the game and they time to time do not see each other for some unknown for my reason. If someone knows how to fix it (this happens rarely, but happens) - I will appreciate it.
  20. For this need to read readme.txt from first to the last line. There is added information about things that need to read and change first for security reasons if you trying to do something inside the internet with the package. I already answer with examples how to setup everything in LAN, but it somewhere in 30+ pages in this topic.
  21. -- REMOVED -- The main idea here. Can be applied to your LAN too. But with only one difference. Instead of creating a VPS you already have your client PC's where on one PC you have server+client. On another, you have the only client which connects to your server. Public IP's replace to your LAN ip's (192.168.0 or 10.0. or 172.0.) Just do not copy-paste client files. Copy only the data folder and exe from 02_client to your RO client. data/ folder contain clientinfo.xml which have information on how to connect to your local pc. And exe which will connect to your local PC. And all interface and translation will be absolutely original. But I wish to admit, that a lot of items, and sprites, and so on will not exists in the game. Hi, please wait, I will update the post with another link. Try this. Or you can download directly an archive: (everything except client) and for client
  22. Hi, I will not help. Because you have modified database columns, and also files. These changes not a part of my package and has been done manually by someone, but not me. If you want make the package work again, you need re-download 01_emulator folder, and 03_openserver/sql_backups.rar extract emulator files like you usually do it. extract in any other folder sql_backups.rar file run open-server. remove your databases (write somewhere a names of databases) create a new empty database with old name now import inside this database a sql file repeat it for all databases. now run emulator, and if everything has been done right - you will successfully connect to the mysql database. If not - repeat.
  23. rAthena not compatible with this bundle due to a lot of broken parts inside the sources. Any other emulator (herc, 3ceam, eathena, brathena, cronus) works pretty fine out the box.
  24. Try this one: modified bad files (extract to rathena folder).rar?dl=0