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  1. Version 3.3 Patch Notes Added ANSI encoding selection (This prevented English output error) Version 3.4 Patch Notes Fix ANSI error cannot convert. Version 3.5 Patch Notes Fix fetching class number from custom item database error. Version 3.6 Patch Notes Add setting to replace new item bonus by new line. Version 3.7 Patch Notes Change :: to - for English convert Version 3.8 Patch Notes Fix Thai output encoding error. Remove setting to replace new item bonus by new line on version 3.6 (Not good enough) Version 3.9 Patch Notes Use - instead of _
  2. A simple converter that will convert item from database to be use in client in 30 seconds. _________________________________________________________ Website https://sites.google.com/view/start-ro/ra_item_converter Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Attepn8t7fHesb4vFvVWHVCu2YHtQUyr/view?usp=sharing (If link broken please go to website for latest released) Source Code (Unity C#) https://github.com/kaninhot004/rAthena-item_db-to-itemInfo _________________________________________________________ Pros: Item description sync from database so it's get rid the problem that item description was not match with database. Full combo explanation. Full information explanation. Cons: Not had lore descriptions. Complex item script was take a bit time to read through. How to use: Paste your database files on '\rAthena item_db to itemInfo_Data\Assets', (File name can't be change) Open program and select languages then hit convert. Output files location is the same with program location. Example output: (No real-time update, just an example) Thai: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaninhot004/rAthena-item_db-to-itemInfo/main/Example Output (Thai).lub English: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaninhot004/rAthena-item_db-to-itemInfo/main/Example Output (English).lub Notes: ANSI Encoding may not had perfect resource name as UTF8.
  3. Try this: https://github.com/kaninhot004/rathena/blob/the-box-3-fix/npc/the_box_3/buy_exp.txt function script F_ExpMultiplier { sc_end SC_EXPBOOST; sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,86400000,100 * exp_multiplier; return; } - script LoginEvent -1,{ end; OnPCLoginEvent: F_ExpMultiplier(); end; }
  4. \rathena\src\map\battle.cpp Line 1477 You will see SC_END, try add some variable like endure hit count then it should be fine.
  5. If you don't mind, you can use atcommand "@whereis " + [email protected]$";
  6. See refine npc that merge rough elunium into elunium. (npc/merchant/refine)
  7. Go to doc/script_command See how delequip syntax works.
  8. Ah I see you problem, you need to enchant something into equipment that was equipped. Please use delequip instead of delitem. Ignore my code above it useless now.
  9. [email protected]_id = getcharid(1); addrid(2,0,[email protected]_id); instance_enter(.instance_name$,-1,-1,getcharid(0),<CURRENT INSTANCE ID>);
  10. getinventorylist; freeloop(1); for([email protected] = @inventorylist_count - 1; [email protected] >= 0; [email protected]){ if([email protected]_equip[[email protected]] && (getiteminfo(@inventorylist_id[[email protected]],ITEMINFO_LOCATIONS) == Armor)) { } } freeloop(0);
  11. data/msgstringtable.txt (Search some wordings, you will found it) If it doesn't exist. Please learn how to use GRF Editor then extract it from .grf
  12. Make sure there are no new variable got re-registered again on OnInit / OnPCLoginEvent.
  13. Some bonuses check equip location. Go to \src\map\pc.cpp then find target bonus and change sd->state.lr_flag to your desire. (Hover at it you will see tooltip)
  14. itemskill will triggered only if item type was 'DelayConsume'
  15. I mean use item delay (Like cashshop item delay). See - Id: 11524 for example
  16. Wrong forum? That's Hercules emulator I think so.
  17. I'm busy, maybe other people can help you fix the script.
  18. Remove OnPCDieEvent, OnPCKillEvent -> That script will stop working. You need to re-write it properly.
  19. It's call from different NPC even you didn't realize that. Simple solution -> Remove some event that you added and this problem will solve.
  20. I think Tokei said you need to fix it like this. From Script A OnPCDieEvent: Script B OnPCDieEvent: Script C OnPCDieEvent: Script D OnPCDieEvent: Script E OnPCDieEvent: Script F OnPCDieEvent: to Script A OnPCDieEvent: *from your screenshot there was too many npc calling this event.
  21. Add 3s delay when using it to prevent multiple consumption.
  22. Follow this That should fix ITEM label on skill icon.
  23. Hi this is how fo fix. You need to increase MAX_SKILL in src. -------------------------- \db\import\skill_db.yml Header: Type: SKILL_DB Version: 3 Body: - Id: 5000 Name: SM_SWORD_CUSTOM Description: Sword Mastery Custom MaxLevel: 10 Type: Weapon \db\import\skill_tree.yml Header: Type: SKILL_TREE_DB Version: 1 Body: - Job: Novice Tree: - Name: SM_SWORD_CUSTOM MaxLevel: 9 \src\map\skill.hpp SM_SWORD_CUSTOM = 5000, \src\common\mmo.hpp #define MAX_SKILL 1455 ///Maximum skill can be hold by Player, Homunculus, & Mercenary (skill list) AND skill_db limit \data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skilldescript.lub [SKID.SM_SWORD_CUSTOM] = { "Hello World" }, \data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skillid.lub SM_SWORD_CUSTOM = 5000, \data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skillinfolist.lub [SKID.SM_SWORD_CUSTOM] = { "SM_SWORD", SkillName = "Sword Mastery Custom", MaxLv = 10, SpAmount = { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 }, bSeperateLv = false, AttackRange = { 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 } }, \data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skilltreeview.lub [JOBID.JT_NOVICE] = { [0] = SKID.NV_BASIC, [1] = SKID.SM_SWORD_CUSTOM, [7] = SKID.NV_FIRSTAID, [14] = SKID.NV_TRICKDEAD }, \data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\skilltreeview_web.lub NOVICE = { [0] = SKID.NV_BASIC, [1] = SKID.SM_SWORD_CUSTOM, [7] = SKID.NV_FIRSTAID, [14] = SKID.NV_TRICKDEAD },
  24. \rathena\doc\script_commands.txt Line 9033 (setchar)
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