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  1. The server crashes, and it only says receiving a crashing signal or something like that and it closes... w/o any other bug... i will check it later and post it in the bug track thx
  2. oh, really? it's because warlock quest made my server crash, so that's why i was asking D:
  3. Hello, i wanted to ask about wich job quests for 3rd job are 100% working in game with rathena...? because there are a lot of them are not working as well as they should... so that's it... thanks!
  4. o.o somebody has this issue?
  5. oh sorry... it because here was the support for clients & patchers o.o but thanks Bump @ Judas e_e he said is not trouble of the server... so it's the client xD he told me to use 2012-04-10aRagexeRE xD?
  6. Hello, well, when someone casts these skills and die by another player or mob while the animation of the skill is on the ground, if you choose return to the last save point or do @go, the client crashes and closes immediately... my client is 2012-06-18, D: help please! i have no chance to prove this with a picture... because it's something you have to see by your self, please!
  7. Bump, e_e why there are some npcs w/o code? XD
  8. hey guys, rAthena Flux CP has a birthday date case on the registration of new users, and with new clients (2012) they ask for each player date when someone wants to delete some character... they cannot erase their characters because the panel says that it doesn't match... do you know how to make it works?
  9. ._. so weird
  10. No errors in map server console, all works perfectly but when someone is sent to jail, time SOMETIMES goes down, but most of the times it's not counting down... so we as Game masters must type @unjail -.- i followed your instructions up to where the text says about configure BK... exactly like is there, and all is going well until it has to count down
  11. Changed my mind: When you were sent to jail, time is not counting down... ._. what happened?
  12. [Error]: script:callfunc: function not found! [bK_PreparePlayer] e_e some weird... xD Undeadrex, send in jail the antibot again and tell the player that try to do a mystake, so the NPC will jail again him or she, and the time will be counting down again
  13. What about @go ? xD
  14. i'm traducing those files right now, o_o i was trying the quest instance but i don't know how it should proceed after talk with Loki... xD
  15. Hey, is it normal to see all skills and status icons like if they weren't traduced into english?... :S even Skill tree shows weird characters, included skill descriptions...