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  1. Hey man, I am fine dude ;D Thanks buddy!
  2. Dear community, could anyone help me to write a script of a "refiner npc" which refine's every part of the equipment (also mid and lower hg) safe to +5 and from +6 - +10 there's a chance of 25% that it refines the item to the next lvl. Best regards!
  3. Hi community, on my server the full dmg of soul breaker bypasses Pneuma... Is this normal? And how can I change it? Best regards, Oraios
  4. Oraios

    Disguise Npc

    Hello community, can someone write me a script like this : - Disguise Cost 500.000 Zeny - Disguise Monsters : Zombie, Familiar, Skeleton Best regards, Oraios
  5. status->def2 += status->vit*2; is this correct?
  6. Hello community, can someone create me a script with this structure : - Daily Quest --> Every day other Mobs / Monster <-- RANDOM (For example : Monday 150 Poring ; Tuesday 250 Lunatics ; ...) - Daily Reward --> Every day other Rewards <-- RANDOM Thx very much! Best regards, Oraios
  7. Hello community, does someone know where we can change to make 2 Vit = 1 Def?? Thx very much for your help and sorry for my bad english^^ ~Oraios
  8. So the shop is there but we can see only an orange potion...
  9. Hey community, can someone say me where the fault in the script is? http://pastebin.com/xiUaW6NR Best regards, Oraios
  10. I want that Soul Breaker doesnt bypass Pneuma... So I write that in battle.c but it doesnt work... Can someone help me please? : if( ( sc->data[sC_PNEUMA] && (flag&(BF_MAGIC|BF_LONG)) == BF_LONG && skill_id != ASC_BREAKER ) || sc->data[sC__MANHOLE] ) { Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english!
  11. Hi community, can someone help me with these problems on my server : Problem 1 : The Asura DMG is too low and the skill_damage_db doesn't work... We already changed all the things in src and also compile... Problem 2 : Soul Breaker bypasses Pneuma... Problem 3 : HP from LK und Pala are too low... How to change it? Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my bad english!
  12. Hi community, my Server has a bug : When a professor cast auto spell "frost driver" the DMG is incomprehensible high. How can I change this? Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my bad english^^
  13. Hi community, I tried to reduce the "Asura Strike Damage" but the skill_damage_db.txt won't work : MO_EXTREMITYFIST,1,1,-90 MO_EXTREMITYFIST,1,2,-90 MO_EXTREMITYFIST,1,4,-90 This are my settings...? Can somebody help me? Thx very much and sorry for my bad english
  14. hmm can you change it for me? I don't know how... :/ //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Coupon Lady NPC //===== By: ================================================== //= Legacy //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= eAthena, rAthena //====== Beschreibung : ====================================== //= Bei ihr kann man Donation Coupons gegen Donation Credits //= eintauschen! //============================================================ dewata,180,206,3 script Coupon Lady 91,{ //|~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Settings des NPC: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ set @npcname$,"^999999[Coupon Lady]^000000"; set @couponid,7037; //|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mes @npcname$; mes "Hallo "+strcharinfo(0)+""; mes "Ich bin auf der Suche nach Coupons.... hast du welche? Ich gebe dir fuer jeden Coupon 1 Donation Credit..."; menu "Ja habe ich!",L_Start,"Nein, leider nicht",L_End; L_Start: next; mes @npcname$; mes "Wie viele Coupons moechtest du mir denn geben??"; next; L_Inputing: input @coupons; if (@coupons<= 0) { mes @npcname$; mes "Du hast keine Zahl eingegeben."; next; goto L_Inputing; } else if (countitem(getarg(0)) < @coupons) { mes @npcname$; mes "Leider hast du nicht genug Coupons. Bitte komm wieder, wenn du genug hast!"; close; } next; mes @npcname$; mes "Du moechtest mir also "+ @coupons+" geben?"; menu "Ja!",L_Start2,"Nein doch nicht",L_End; L_Start2: next; mes @npcname$; mes "Super, ich gebe dir dann "+ @coupons+" Donation Credit(s)!"; set @balance,query_sql("SELECT `balance` FROM `cp_credits` where `account_id` = "+ getcharid(3)); set @balance,@balance + @coupons; query_sql("UPDATE `cp_credits` SET `balance` = "[email protected]+" where `account_id` = "+ getcharid(3)); delitem @couponid,@coupons; next; mes @npcname$; mes "Danke nochmal, weiterhin viel Spass auf Black-Knight-RO!"; close; L_End: next; mes @npcname$; mes "Bitte komm wieder, wenn du Coupons hast!"; close; }
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