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  1. this is the script without preview on items.. please help me.
  2. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/npc/custom/quests/quest_shop.txt please help me .i make this but not working OnInit: waitingroom "Name",0; freeloop(1);
  3. Hello! how to edit the Guild Extension ? bcoz i will make 15/15 capacity for the guild...
  4. AOCzxc

    Script request

    so your script is fixed now for anti cheat?
  5. AOCzxc

    Script request

    I'm looking for stop the clock . Count into 1-1100 not 1000 to 1,
  6. AOCzxc

    Woe points

    If you kill on during woe in castle. How to get a points? Tell me please
  7. AOCzxc

    different shop

    Hello! can you list down any shop? Example : shop cashshop...
  8. Thanks emistry! "The Disguise Event will begin in 3 minutes." how about this ? how to change the time into 2mns
  9. imean... usually the prize of Disguise event is poring coin or btix like that... now my need is for points like Cashpoint ... did you get it?
  10. Hello. how to do that? disguise reward item into points. thanks
  11. i have a good vm and ram sir. sometimes i can loot @item etc. with no re run the server....
  12. Hello . Can i ask how to do/fix the offlineserver lag or hang . Example. I use @item,kill mobs, drop items, loot item and etc. After that i got hang we need to re-run the openserver to move my char again. Can i help me???
  13. how to change loadingscreen and login screen?
  14. thanks @Vietlubu last question.how to hide this Grand Master and knight npc ? and this card seller . why don't have any list of normal cards? what going on ?
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