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  1. how to input on script? prontera,150,150,3 script test 2_COLAVEND,{ set @npc$, "[^0000ff test ^000000]"; mes @npc$; mes "hello word"; close; OnInit: delwaitingroom; waitingroom "test pub",0; end; }
  2. i know the normal pub on npc but this one is cool.. anyone how to script this kind of invisible pub? thanks
  3. AOCzxc


    maybe the clickable item/card script.
  4. AOCzxc


    Im looking for script like on the video.. clickable then pop up the item description. Thanks alot Screenrecorder-2022-09-21-13-20-13-89.mp4
  5. hello, anyone can help me, im looking for script daily rewards and cooldown is 24hrs before claim again the daily reward. thanks in advance
  6. Hello mga lodi. Baka may script kyo jan ng soccee ball.. Pag click mo sa soccer ball summoner npc Lalabas dapat summon soccer ball 5/5 tapos mag aannounce kung sino nag summon... Then click ulit Summon soccer ball 5/4 etc.....
  7. Pahelp po mga bossss... Every kill mvp monster chance to get item 50% with announce...p
  8. Paano tanggalin to? Pag nag nillog in ko char nanjan na sa chat box.
  9. Here the sample. All job 200+ hp i max level. But on level 99 ihave 40k HP. What can i change? received_439594993979935.webp
  10. Thanks a alot mga boss. Nabago kona!
  11. Yep boss nag compile ako error sya sa MAP_PAY_ARCHE
  12. Thanks man. Paano ung sa archer village? Error ako ginawa ko is MAP_PAY_ARCHE
  13. Mga boss. Paano palitan yung @go spawn? Kunwari nag @go 0 ka, tapos dun sa middle ka mag spawn. Gsto ko gawin bandang taas ung spawn location ng @go prontera ko. Thanks sa sagot mga boss..
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