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  1. what client? you need msgstringtable.txt
  2. sorry for my bad english but the problem is this: rathena don't have packets support
  3. if you use langtype 1 add in your folder "luafiles 514" this archive service_usa.rar
  4. try use this data in ".grf" format and disable "diff read data folder first"
  5. Hello rAthena Comunity according this commit: hexed: "ragexe 2018-11-21" work in rathena emulator for test i'm go to src/config/packets.h and i change this: image(1) #define PACKETVER 20180620 for this : image (2) #define PACKETVER 20181121 and recompile emulator, but my client don't run image (1) image (2)
  6. aqui tem os caminhos ai vc olha o arquivos e vai editando, nunca editei isso, ai é com vc o arquivo ta ai com o caminho que é para ser feito ai os arquivos vc muda para a extensão ".lua" e edita e depois renomeia para .lub e adiciona a sua data data.rar
  7. vai na sua pasta data e procura assim:>>/luafilies514/luafiles/quest lá tem os arquivos para editar
  8. if you have problem in client crash try check this topic sorry my bad english
  9. Use new "NEMO" 4144 version
  10. @attackjom555 Thank you for share this i forgot "Follow" this Topic
  11. This quest/feature is only available or customized on iRO. rathena use KRO base
  12. I'm request items oversea care package iro if you want share Arch Bishop Ring [1] : Magician's Gloves [1] : Medical Scrubs [1] : Elemental Towel : Rose Of Eden : Crow Tengu Mask : Tengu Scroll : Fire Dragon Armor [1] : Pororoca Shoes : Assassin's Despair [1] : Assassin's Shoes : Assassin's Muffler [1] : Hunting Knife [1] : Enforcer Cape [1] : Arquien's Necklace [1] : Mob Scarf : Luminous Blue Stone [1] : Shadow Ring [1] : Celine's Brooch [1] : Giant's Protection [1] : Phreeoni Wings [1] : Blacksmith's Gloves [1] : Heart Card in Mouth : Enforcer Shoes : Imperial Set Pieces
  13. Alayne is possible make "Tomb of Honor" mobs and npcs? Check my topic for basic info :