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  1. Bruno Nogueira

    ragexe 2018-11-21 problem

    sorry for my bad english but the problem is this: rathena don't have packets support
  2. Bruno Nogueira

    problem whit 20180620 ragexe

    if you use langtype 1 add in your folder "luafiles 514" this archive service_usa.rar
  3. Bruno Nogueira

    problem whit 20180620 ragexe

    try use this data in ".grf" format and disable "diff read data folder first"
  4. Bruno Nogueira

    ragexe 2018-11-21 problem

    Hello rAthena Comunity according this commit: hexed: "ragexe 2018-11-21" work in rathena emulator for test i'm go to src/config/packets.h and i change this: image(1) #define PACKETVER 20180620 for this : image (2) #define PACKETVER 20181121 and recompile emulator, but my client don't run image (1) image (2)
  5. Bruno Nogueira

    Como adicionar imagem no ALT+U ?

    aqui tem os caminhos ai vc olha o arquivos e vai editando, nunca editei isso, ai é com vc o arquivo ta ai com o caminho que é para ser feito ai os arquivos vc muda para a extensão ".lua" e edita e depois renomeia para .lub e adiciona a sua data data.rar
  6. Bruno Nogueira

    Como adicionar imagem no ALT+U ?

    vai na sua pasta data e procura assim:>>/luafilies514/luafiles/quest lá tem os arquivos para editar
  7. if you have problem in client crash try check this topic sorry my bad english
  8. Bruno Nogueira

    Problema con NEMO 4144 Y EXE 2017 06 14

    Use new "NEMO" 4144 version
  9. Bruno Nogueira

    Oversea Care Package Item

    @attackjom555 Thank you for share this i forgot "Follow" this Topic
  10. Bruno Nogueira

    Missing Silvervine Quester and Silvervine Exchanger npc's

    This quest/feature is only available or customized on iRO. rathena use KRO base
  11. Bruno Nogueira

    Client date : 2018-06-21a error on initSkillTreeView

    Try Test This skillinfoz.rar
  12. Bruno Nogueira

    Oversea Care Package Item

    I'm request items oversea care package iro if you want share Arch Bishop Ring [1] : Magician's Gloves [1] : Medical Scrubs [1] : Elemental Towel : Rose Of Eden : Crow Tengu Mask : Tengu Scroll : Fire Dragon Armor [1] : Pororoca Shoes : Assassin's Despair [1] : Assassin's Shoes : Assassin's Muffler [1] : Hunting Knife [1] : Enforcer Cape [1] : Arquien's Necklace [1] : Mob Scarf : Luminous Blue Stone [1] : Shadow Ring [1] : Celine's Brooch [1] : Giant's Protection [1] : Phreeoni Wings [1] : Blacksmith's Gloves [1] : Heart Card in Mouth : Enforcer Shoes : Imperial Set Pieces
  13. Bruno Nogueira

    Alayne's Scripts Collection

    Alayne is possible make "Tomb of Honor" mobs and npcs? Check my topic for basic info :
  14. Bruno Nogueira

    How to Add Skills in Bio 5 Monster

    i want make "bio 5 custom mobs" for fun with my friends but i do not know add new skills in monsters is possible Help Me for basic info monsters check database "iro wiki" and kro, but kro database HP monster info is old sorry my bad english i'm play iro and compile basic info of normal monsters: bio 5_skill.txt bio 5_monsters.txt