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  1. @Emistry The issue that I got these files long before I uploaded it. so please see the date of publication before saying anything. Thank you
  2. the bmp are there are 2 download link.
  3. the npc almost all but hat and garment could you fix it?
  4. Oh sorry, I forgot that little detail
  5. Sometimes it happens, it's just a matter of putting the files right
  6. View File odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar texture map uploaded Submitter Abeiy Submitted 06/29/2019 Category Maps & 3D Resources Video Content Author Gravity  
  7. Version 1.2.1


    odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar texture map uploaded


  8. Because I have lowered many and all with rupture, I will prove it.
  9. Personalmente me ayudó mucho, en cuanto a información, guías, etc... una pena.