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  1. guys any update on this insatnces?
  2. Hi, i created a custom costume box and added items to it and its working fine. The problem is whenever i open the headgear box, the item is received as unidentified item and i have to identify it using identify command or npc. Instead of the approach i want the item to be received as identified so users don't need to identify item. Script inside database is "getrandgroupitem(IG_COSTUMEBOX,1);" item added inside the group item samples are IG_COSTUMEBOX,31317,1 IG_COSTUMEBOX,31316,1. Any help would be helpful thanks.
  3. HI , I am using 22018 client, I want to enable cash shop for players but the cash shop icon and cash shop button in the menu is not available. How do i enable it or make is display for clietns. Also which is the table where i can put an insert for cash shop items. Any help will be greatful.
  4. When the rented items are enhanced the expiration date goes away. Is there any way to overcome it?
  5. I have bug here, if we enchant the item then the expiration time disappears. Can u do something for that plz.
  6. Hi, I would like to add @afk command to my server. I have tried the script which was provided in rathena forum but while compilation it throws error at sc_autotrade. Is there a way to resolve this issue or to add ask command without issues.
  7. Karthikeyan


    any update on this ,as this is not working
  8. How do I encrypt my custom .grf file? I am using GRF editor and when i encrypt the grf file, the client throws error like unknown [string buff]:1: unknown symbol, error. Atleast if if can encrypt my sclientinfo that will be good, but if i encrypt, my client do not open at all. If i decrypt everything works fine. How do i encypt my .gef file and keep it safe from others.
  9. Hi @Lemongrass, The issue still occurs even after downloading the committed build of rathena master. Thanks and regards
  10. HI, I am getting the below error in the map server when I start in Cent OS 8. "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". I have already configured in windows and linux and it was working fine, but today i have seen lots of commits in rathena master in last 3 days time. Will there be an issue Please help i am not able to make my server UP. Note: This issue happen in both windows and linux. I have checked it. This issue occurs when we change the below line to "yes", in inter_athena_config file inside config folder // Use SQL item_db, mob_db and mob_skill_db for the map server? (yes/no) use_sql_db: yes. If we change it to "No" the server is loading. Please help in fixing the issue using use_sql_db: yes.
  11. HI Poring King Its not talking about the kro patcher or pre patcher, I am telling about the patcher in client scenario. Now i Have the exe file which directly starts the game, but unlike other server where they make the use patcher to patch first and then start the game. I have attached the screenshot of another ro which uses patcher before starting the game. Hope i am not confusing you.
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