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  1. This is the error which I get while installing "The PDO_MYSQL driver for the PDO extension must be installed to use Flux." Can anyone help me on this issue. Tried all possible ways given but it wont move further. Chmod -R 777 to full fluxcp folder OS is Centos 8 PHP version 7.2 Database in mariadb. Please help me to resolve this issue friends
  2. When a player is jailed, even gm can't unjail him he goes back to jail even if gm unjails, how do i make gm unjail him. ALso how to reduce jail time. I have set the db variable to 0 but still it makes 8 minutes.
  3. Thanks, I ll try this link and let you know what all i did
  4. I tried this but even then it fails,Monster is not all hitting i tried with 2 devilring card and monster fails to hit me as my resist is 100. This is not reducing to 99 or less.
  5. If a players has 100% or more neutral resist, monsters are not hitting them. Is there any way to overcome this. I want players to get this even if they have 100% neutral resist. All monsters are only neutral while hitting, they dont hit at all if 100% neutral resist . Any help will be appreciated!!!
  6. I did it already, anyway thanks my friend
  7. Hi Guys, Like having unlimited arrow and bullet can we also have unlimited bottle for skills like acid demonstration,acid terror etc. Any help will be greatful.
  8. hi @maple , it worked thanks
  9. HI @maple, actualy both links are from same person but my final output is not working. When every i click any link inside the module "voteforpoints" nothing happens.
  10. Hi, I have download the voteforpoints addon and installed as per the read me, but when i click on the links inside the module like add site, vote nothing happens. I have downloaded the addon from https://github.com/Keinstah/FluxCP_Addons-VoteForPoints. Can you help me on this please.
  11. Thanks Emistry, will try this and revert back thanks
  12. But the above is showing as def instead of resist right.
  13. How do i reduce the resistance of a player from 100 to 80% or less. Even if he has 100% resist it should not have any effect, as of now if a player has 100% demi human resist no other player can hit him in woe or pvp. Any help would be greatful!!!!
  14. hi @daL, i resolved it using the solution in the link attached. After doing the changes you have to recompile ur server.
  15. HI friends, the sling item skill of genetic char is disabled and greyed out. How to enable it and make players use it. I am using renewal server. Any help will be appreciated.
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