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  1. Hi @BFPkiller You can make a script to set a player variable and get the effects if variable is active. for exemple: 40003,teste,Teste,4,30000,,500,,3,,1,0xFFFFFFFE,7,2,32,,65,1,4,{ if (bonus_teste == 1) { bonus bAllStats, 3; bonus bHPGainValue,100; bonus bSPGainValue,100;} },{},{} To finish the effect make like ''vip script'' that remove the ''vip days'' .. in this case remove the player variable "bonus_teste". i dont know if is a clean way to do that, but it works
  2. Wow, thank you I dont know I had to use RENEWAL things in the db/import folder. I was using direct in the db/pre-re/item_db.txt folder, and not works! Now it works fine. Thanks a lot for the help. maken06 and xGod
  3. Hi I was looking for the source code for the 'shadow equipment system' in pré-renewal mode, but I dont find it, someone knows how to activate? thanks.
  4. When load OnMinute00 : //- Start Events show this *and never start any event Current version 2.0E
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