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  1. Anyone how to solve this issue?
  2. Sir can you apply on the script. I am sorry I don't know how to setup. Hope you help me.. thanks in advanced
  3. Hello scriptwriter can anyone help on this script, I want to repeat the race 99/70 event but I want only new character will participate in that event. The old character that not yet reach 99/70 max level will not allowed to join on the events. Here is the script. please anyone guide me or edit this script to work on my explanation. prontera,140,178,5 script Race-To-99 100,{ if (BaseLevel < 99) { npctalk "Sorry, Only Lvl 99 can claim the reward!"; end; } if (JobLevel < 70) { npctalk "Sorry, Only Job Lvl 70 can claim the reward!"; end; } if ($ItemGive == 100) { npctalk "Sorry, all rewards has been taken!"; end; } if (getreward) { npctalk "Sorry, Nothing for you!"; end; } announce "Congratulations! "+strcharinfo(0)+" has claimed his reward for Race to 99 Event", bc_all; getitem 501, 100; ++$ItemGive; getreward = 1; sleep 2000; announce "There are "+(100 - $ItemGive)+" rewards left to give!", bc_all; end; }
  4. thank you for the response. Yeah I know the difference from @ and #.. because I saw some of streamer that after they re-logging their character it automatically canceled the hide status. when they stream the WOE on there server.
  5. I am using 2015 EXE. I having problem on @hide command when I #hide the normal account not GM account.. and I try to re-login the normal account.. the hide or invincible status is still there.. If I remember, when the character re-login on status of #hide the invincible status will canceled.. Please help how to fix or resolve this issue.. Thank you in advance..
  6. Sorry for newbie question, So I need to install that to my server to properly use it?
  7. Good day, sorry I don't know if I am in the right section. I just want to share this, and ask if what will happen after February 25, 2021, or already have updates on this.
  8. @Vy Low Thank you.. I got it and works done.
  9. Thank you sir for the response, but its not working
  10. Thank you sir for the response can you guide me on how to do it?
  11. Anyone can help me or guide to solve this issue. I have OVH VPS provider and Web Host on another provider I ask the web host to whitelist the IP of my VPS, but they said that all IP from OVH is already connected to them. Or there's something wrong on my mysql? I already put the username on global privileges on my phpmyadmin. Thanks in advance.
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