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  1. -Change to auto-guard self. -Slows Movement Speed -Drake Effect -Chance of stunning enemy when attacking. -Unstrippable -Pierces DEF -High Chance to cause bleeding on the enemy -Long Range -Pierces DEF -Slightly slows movement speed -Increases Hit Rate -Gives Falcon Mastery Skill -Gives user level 2 Detecting -+400% Damage with tracking skill Enhanced Range, Critical +15, Dex +15, 100%+ Damage against ghosts Dex-10, Hit-20, Pierces Defense of opponent, Enables the power to change weapon element, 35% chance to double attack, Autocast Meteor Storm lvl 7 upon attacking. ty
  2. Stalker Script No Need To Relog In To Copy Skill And Add Remove Skill To Copy Again The Skills Thank You
  3. Who Have rathena r17450? to r17500? old ? how can i get the revision on tortoise ?
  4. Negative Def When 500 all stats 99+508 damage have 1 damage physical attack 35k 20k 5k then the 1 damage wew
  5. 500 stats then ma_def = 99 player to player damage have mix ( 1 damage only ! )
  6. final strike ninja have 5m hp then in main gauce [thantosphreeoni2hydra] will miss! on player i need the NJ_ISSEN fix formula ! thank you with no miss ! 999/80 500stats nj_issen will miss! on player it will not damage pls give the formula of nj_issen that will no miss ! thank you
  7. 2 grimtooth dagger thanatos will make 1 damage only if your def is 1 im using 2 grimtooth when i equip thanatos+phree+2hydra damage is miss! i want the damage is = 1 when they hit
  8. when i put falcon mastery in gunslinger i cant see but i put it pls help me thank you
  9. how i can edit luk even 1 luk or 500 luk it will critical ( no white damage ) thank you then alternate even luk is 1 to 500 no critical ( no yellow damage ) thank you
  10. i got it already hehehe are you filipino ? you have cellphone ?
  11. My code was gone i need a new one cap damage 32,ooo max damage + EDP this is my script but i forgot If ( flag&2 && damage,0,32000) return 32000; I need cap_value (min,0,32000) please input the right code message me Happy New Year Thank You I need It in My Server If You help thank you
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