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  1. i change it with main menu lol idk how to fix the login button
  2. cant login idk how to fix it recaptcha alrdy enable from (google) too... thanks i hope next update will fix it
  3. how to fix player peak? i think didnt work verywell. only show 0 (zero) thanks dude
  4. friends, I want to ask the problem of browedit. after i finished edit i want to upload ingame. I have compiled map_cache.dat and map_index.txt and maps.txt in conf section. I also have uploaded to default.grf I login in-game and @warp maintown does not appear error and client not responding then close the program. I tried uploading a custom folder and it worked. can someone help ? thanks ps: i use browedit ver. 586
  5. Hello, i want request script or npc for example 1 Costume Wings i will open bet 10 Proof of donation. all player can bet in. and the highers bet will win. and the npc control by GM. not auto. thanks
  6. I want to create a command if the player using command autoloot in town that I want, and they forced to warp into main town. because I want to keep it fair when getting drop the items in the city. I do not want to disable autoloot commands in game. Thank you very much.
  7. - script pagi -1,{ end; OnClock0600: atcommand "@day"; end; } - script malam -1,{ end; OnClock1800: atcommand "@night"; end; }
  8. Thanks for your relpy / help but its no work have u another ? Thanks for reply / help but its also no work have u another too? if GM Level 99 not announce but if player it will announce the script. thanks who can help it. Here, tested and working: //--------------Script by : Akbar'e--------------------- //---------------http://forum.akbare.com---------------- // Thanks to // ROCREW //======================================================= - script login -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (getgmlevel() < 98) { announce "Welcome , [ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ] | Play get u'r Friends and Love.",bc_yellow|bc_all; } else { close; } } Thanks it works now. +1 and Solved mark