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  1. Hi there. We have seen that the problem is that we do not use the main branch. If not, a branch where the emulator already has the refine ui and the lapine system implemented. But it hasn't been updated for months, and it doesn't contain the const.yml. We have tried with the rathena master, and put the lapine system, but it does not compile well, it gives errors. Thanks.
  2. Hello. We have updated the server, and they have gone from item_group_db.txt to item_group_db.yml, but now the boxes fail. This error appears: [Error]: itemdb_get_randgroupitem: Invalid group id Any idea what it might be?
  3. The ID of the BG group, is the same ID that is in the variable, checked, there is not the fault, that is why I do not understand it. You can close the post, I already saw the failure. It invoked the guardians before setting the variable.
  4. Hello. I have a problem with the mob in bg, for some reason it attacks all participants, it does not distinguish between groups. Can someone tell me why it can be? Thanks. This is the code I use to invoke the mob: bg_monster [email protected]_id1,"league",69,212,"Guillaume Bow Guardian",1830,"OBJ#league_a::OnGuardianDead";
  5. Hi. I don't know if this is what you are looking for ...
  6. This refine ui is working properly !!
  7. [Warning]: itemdb_parse_dbrow: Invalid id 450146 in line 13225 of "item_db_re", skipping. Hi. This is the error that the emulator gives when loading items with id's with more than 5 digits.
  8. Hi. I want to add to my server some of the new items, but the ID's of the items are greater than 5 digits. But the emulator doesn't detect them, it says they don't exist. Can anybody help me? Thank you.
  9. Exactly, the new versions of flux do not incorporate that file. Is there a way to adapt it or if someone has the parseNPC.php file and can share it. Thank you.
  10. Hi. I have noticed that quest quest that have a specific time to finish does not work ... they are reset instantly. Does anyone know why it is? For example: 15115,00:00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Brides and Jays" switch(checkquest(15115,PLAYTIME)){ case -1: classchange( 10035, "Jays#illusionfrozen", bc_self ); classchange( 10036, "Brides#illusionfrozen", bc_self ); break; case 0: case 1: classchange( HIDDEN_WARP_NPC, "Jays#illusionfrozen", bc_self ); classchange( HIDDEN_WARP_NPC, "Brides#illusionfrozen", bc_self ); break; case 2: erasequest 15115; set IllusionFrozen,0; classchange( 10035, "Jays#illusionfrozen", bc_self ); classchange( 10036, "Brides#illusionfrozen", bc_self ); break; }
  11. It is for the illusion of frozen, when you have to eliminate Brides and Jays as mob, according to which server I have seen that they do, and they are not instance maps.
  12. Hi. Is there any way that a monster can only be seen and attacked by a single user? Basically it is exclusive for him. I want to make a quest that you have to kill a mob, but that no other player can kill it without needing to restrict entry to the map. Thank you.
  13. The problem is not that the group does not work, but if you want to give more than one item, it does not work. // Item Group Database // // Structure of Database: // GroupID,ItemID,Rate{,Amount,Random,isAnnounced,Duration,GUID,isBound,isNamed}
  14. Hi. By implementing the overseas boxes, I have realized that the amount does not work. As much as you have more than one item, always give only one. 1002,12411,100,8 // HE Battle Manual 1002,12412,100,8 // HE Bubble Gum 1002,14592,100,8 // Job Battle Manual 1002,7619,100,30 // Enriched Elunium 1002,7620,100,30 // Enriched Oridecon Thank you.
  15. Hi. I don't know if it's possible to reach free cast in renewal ... I know that before you couldn't, but I see that there is a lot of equipment and skills that reduce fixed cast. My question is ... is it possible to have free cast in renewal? Thank you.
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