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  1. actually u can manage your sql by phpmyadmin, so, technically yes, u can do that by phpmyadmin
  2. Ok, first of all, what client are u using? Recomended quest are only "client" stuff, nothing to do on your server side. Additionally, you can change what file would be your "recomended quest" on nemo
  3. Did u check if u have the RecommendedQuestInfoList.lub file on your "Ro Folder/System"? maybe u are not using that one, but check if u use any of these 3 RecommendedQuestInfoList.lub RecommendedQuestInfoList_Sakray.lub RecommendedQuestInfoList_True.lub Also depends on what data files are u using. These are 2 of the best translation project for kRO data, credits to the author´s Zack´s https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE Asheraf´s https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation
  4. 45000,Cash_Ticket_100,Cash Ticket 100,18,0,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS+100; dispbottom "You gained [ 100 Cash Points ]. Enjoy!"; },{},{}
  5. We will miss you man, i hope u keep the good work whenever u are, keep it up
  6. those Geffenia maps from kRO data are currently not working on rA compatible exe´s, so, those maps that i gave you, are the old ones that are working ok
  7. if u download that from the new kRo data, they will be on the new format, so, it will still crash you, but here you go ~ gefenia maps.rar Just put those on your /data of yourdata.grf on first place.
  8. i dont know if u cant understand spanish, but clearly says "Pero lo que busco es un NPC que use el last_unique_id de gepard shield" that directly mean "im looking for an NPC that use last_unique_id *From Gepard Shield" not "itemuniqueid" from DB.
  9. Bueno, no fue lo que pediste en primer lugar, pero, para ver temas de "Gepard" , deberias consultarlo directamente con Functor, o revisar si eso que buscas deja alguna tabla en la base de datos (segun yo si) y ya con eso añadirle un check al script de ello.
  10. prontera,164,174,5 script pack de inicio#tupack 56,{ if( BaseLevel > 176 ){ mes "[^000088Pack Inicio^000000]"; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA."; end; } if( #freebies == 1){ mes "[^000088Pack Inicio^000000]"; mes "Ya tienes tu pack de inicio"; close; } else{ mes "[^000088Pack Inicio^000000]"; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA"; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA."; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA."; next; mes "[^000088Pack inicio^000000]"; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA."; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA"; next; getitem 909,1; getitem 1000,1; set #freebies, 1; mes "BLABLABLABLABALBA!"; close; } OnInit: waitingroom "Pack de inicio",0; } Solo cambia los diálogos, sprite, items a dar y coordenadas del NPC a tu conveniencia ~
  11. @gidzdlcrz the client by default has item idview 2000, to implement more, it´s is recommended to increase that value to 5000 or 8000 on your Nemo patcher, and then make sure all the file and resource name are correctly added on your files.
  12. Hey guys, i never share things here, but hey, glad to help ~ This is my custom implementation of the Mechanic new costume, and work like this. This new sprite only work when u use the "Bodystyle 1" on the mechanic class, that means we keep the old mechanic costume as "bodystyle 0" In addition to that, i add the Attack animation for 2 genders and the first 3 palettes. In the file i put the new Gravitational Cart as "Cart 3" but, u guys can rename or replace it as you like ~ To make it work, just drag all the rar content on your current grf and it´s done ~ Additional note: Some old clients read the mechanic sprite or palete whit a different name, so, in that case, just replace the name of the files as the name that your client or grf are reading it. mechanic_full_new_stuff.rar
  13. @iraciz Sorry for late response, but it is working, the only detail is when u use the NPC_TALK at lvl 10 will fail. somehow when u use it at lvl 1 the mob_chat_db works perfectly but not by default at lvl 10.
  14. i really dont remember the author of this script, it´s not mine but i downloaded that from rA Forum, so, credits to the unknown author i guess~ There u have ~ antidl.txt
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