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  1. is this possible to make it work with new iteminfo.lub? http://krotranslatedlua.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/System/itemInfo.lua So we can use KRo information to convert files.
  2. Your player never play on a renewal balance server. Sorry to tell that but rathena is really far to be balance. The atk formula will really help this. But there is many skill that need to be reworks. The thing is when you play on a full renewal server it's hard to come back to pre-re. Long life to rathena dev =)
  3. Is this possible to add this? First release was on 12/14/2011 on kro sakray and 01/04/2012 on kro main server. Implemented Battleground Queue System. Players can click on "Battle" button under basic info window and choose desired battleground to queue. Players can use the Queue System from anywhere. Players can enter the battleground, when there are enough players to start a battleground, by clicking on confirmation button. If players leave the Queue System, they will be unable to enter the Queue System again for 1 minute. Players will return to their original position after the end of Battleground if they were in normal field, town or dungeon maps. If players were previously in special dungeon or field maps, they will be returned to the save point.
  4. Just remove pre-renewal if admin and player want to get pre-renewal let them use a final branch or eathena. kRo just drop pre-re more than 4 years ago. it's time to separate this. And rAthena mean renewal Athena. Pre-renewal is now old and make difficult to admin to make a good job. I repeat drop this pre-renewal.
  5. Michi

    Renewal ATK

    So great you are the bes malufett.
  6. Good jobs guys. And so happy that Gennosuke Kouga as join script development. Hope that will help a lot to update the episodes from rathena. Good luck. And Happy new year to all rathena team and forum
  7. Michi

    Renewal ATK

    sorry but I didn't understand anything...
  8. Michi

    Renewal ATK

    I already pm malufett to know what he want but always no anwser
  9. Yeah 10/10 release this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  10. so cool =) me to I want to buy it with brifost malaya and woe
  11. I have about 1500 diffs on my server only for src. 50% of time I need to update manually but with this update I need to redo all if I want to update automaticly th 50% of the other time.
  12. The problem is that lot of server have made a lot of src modification and now to update to this they need to restart all they work. It's to bad and it's take to much time. And as I can read the majority want to get tab so why not put tab? More we wait more the rollback will be really difficult. Please make a quick dessission see If admin restart they works or if they should wait a bit.
  13. Michi

    Renewal ATK

    @malufett You can pm me and tell me what test you need I have iro account with almoste all class and variable lvl. Just ask me what you need and I will make complete test with report/screen ect...
  14. I think delete pre-re it's a good point. I think this will help dev exemple MATK/ATK/DEF/MDEF formula should be more easy to do if they don't need to put some ifdef ect.. things on the code. Only need to recode this part There is also Homunculus ATK/MATK/DEF/MDEF formula that have change too. And my own opinion is that pre-re should die now. Server should focus on renewal. Renewal was officialy start on june 2009 on kro main and july 2008 on kro sakray. I think it's time to move on. I have heard for now 3years renewal is bad. But renewal is here and thats all. Ragnarok official release date was on august 2002 so 6 years of non-renewal and 4 years with renewal almoste half of ragnarok life with renewal. Thats why pre-renewal should die. And something else before renewal all npc on eathena was comming like 3-4 month after they implementation on kro now we have 2-3 years lates on rathena. iRo pRo and other official serv allready have them now and not us. So sad... But I really want to thanks dev for all their works and all their time <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
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