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  1. ok thanks and if you look on the formula there is no % at the end if you take one of the other skill who give aspd in other class doc ther is always % at the end. End I see it on a kro video too but I can't find it again. But there is a link who they talk about it http://forums.irowiki.org/showthread.php?p=847398
  2. for info look here https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=18p0mM4OedtKE04IJxPnN6fIdKFfOx6nQJuT3ESHuTMo and how much aspd that give you with 150 agi?
  3. Yes I know that iRo and Kro don't have the same aspd formula but the othila rune have exactly the same formula both give fix aspd on kro and iro and two handed sword didn't give any asp even if i get 150 agi
  4. that was in game. but in the first page you tell that berserk two hand quicken ect.. give fix aspd but in rathena it's not doing this. Same for Othila rune. I have test Othila rune in iRo and it's giving fix aspd
  5. two hand quicken not look's to work I was thinking bersek give 15aspd fix but in rathena it look's to give % aspd othila rune should give fix aspd = (Rune Mastery Level / 10 x 4)
  6. I try them but it's not that good but if I have no choice I will take them. Thanx
  7. Someone can share this please? http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=269221
  8. in the msgstringtable.txt rename the item equips etc & Misc by shorter word
  9. Ok I'm going to ask ppl on kro and test what I can
  10. Can you provide what is the missing information ? Is it only skill information? Or also stats info?
  11. Sorry I only have IRO accounts and only a swordman lvl15 in kRO. I really want help but I only can provide you iRO information
  12. Hi all, I try to do this to work on enemy party and guild but not on the caster but when I change this: map_foreachinrange(skill_area_sub, src, skill_get_splash(skillid, skilllv),BL_CHAR, src, skillid, skilllv, tick, flag|BCT_ENEMY|1, skill_castend_nodamage_id); by this map_foreachinrange(skill_area_sub, src, skill_get_splash(skillid, skilllv),BL_CHAR, src, skillid, skilllv, tick, flag|BCT_ENEMY|BCT_PARTY|BCT_GUILD|1, skill_castend_nodamage_id); that's also affect the caster. Is somone can help me please?
  13. reallly nice share <3
  14. I already have the patch =) thx
  15. thats exactly what I mean thx Judas =) and for the last one I just put what I want to see in rA official svn. I already know that manuflet working on. The only things I can do it's provide iRO information, I have many account on it know and I can test many things. But I can't test aspd on iro cause it's not the same as kRO
  16. Some things that I want to see in rA: Renewal Defense HP/SP rebalance Body Relocation corrected Tetra Vortex show black image Renewal ASPD battleground and party booking button working Post-balance skill formulas
  17. @Ronaldo07 your diff need modification to run with rathena, there is compilation error, and not sure if job_db1.txt and job_db2.txt are right But nice works
  18. Please share it, that would be great =) even if it's not totally official
  19. Thanks a lot. Great job as always, but did you release it in english?
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