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  1. I have an old eathena emulator that have the iRO aspd formula coded and working exactly has iRO. But I'm lazzy to apply it on new rathena. If someone is motivate to apply it to rathena just contact me. The iRO formula is more easy to kro one.
  2. Hi I want to modify @go/@warp delay when hit to prevent use of fly wing and teleport skill after a player attacking a monster. after some research I found this in src battle_config.prevent_logout_trigger&PLT_ATTACK but this is for prevent to logoff. Could someone help me please? a
  3. Hi, I would like to block all commands and item use when you talk to a npc, you can use commands by using macro shortcut. Could you please help me?
  4. Hi, Is it possible to remove the empty part below the the remaining icons? Thanks PS: There is no nemo patch that do this
  5. I wish that everyone will work together but for me there is many many problem on each community that make this impossible. I don't tell this new community is the solution. I know it's not. But there is to much difference beetween how ppl want to work and final goal. For me the reason I don't want to work on rathena is the custom renewal that was create: Exemple: Atk/matk and many other things are custom. On hercules the biggest problem for me are the constraints. This break my motivation... I respect all the work of each community but the problem is that we all have different goal. For me pre-renewal should die and we should go forward but this is my opinion. I decide to participate to RagEmu because I love RO and I want to make player happy. I have my own server and I can keep all those update just for me but it's not my vision of RO. For me it's important to share for free and let Admin chose what they want. My priority are the player. Without player no need to make emulator. Long live to a free Ragnarok world
  6. Hi~~ Why we choose to make a new emulator? Dastgir, Jedzkie, malufett and I decided to initiate new emulator with renewal enabled only and to commemorate Ind's precious works and himself.. For us pre-renewal should stay as it is now. We decide to use Hercules as base but we will also follow rAthena, 3ceAm and idAthena features/updates. But this is not all, we will also make our own updates/features. Our aim is to make the formula as accurate as it could be and we won't tolerate flaws in formula and inaccurate information. We already made lot of big update that fix many many bugs, we didn't make them in 2 weeks. This are pending stuff that we have since more than a year. No worry about the quality we are doing our best and our goal is to not let an invasion of bugs come in our bug tracker. About the project: All Devs are welcome to join our project and all current/Former staffs from any board are welcomed with the same title. Our goal is to fix gameplay mechanics first, it's the most important for us now and to show you our determination we already made some cool updates that include many many skills bug fix, Rebellion and Summoner ect...: http://ragemu.org/board/topic/18-super-mega-update/ Many other update was include like official Sorcerer Elemental Spirit: https://github.com/RagEmu/Renewal/commit/37f1da997c0c3b683d7fcc2eee9b8a6c8245de87 Hope to see you soon on RagEmu
  7. Sorry Euphy but the release is not linked: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/1a477c4a628decb330b8083bbd4625ffae26c709 The works from hercules is never linked so please don't say that... A link is a link and it's not just a (credits: Hercules 1a477c4)
  8. Why open a topic? cause it's always the same...
  9. lol rathena don't have renewal atk. You already use pre-renewal atk.
  10. Hi every rathena dev, Just want to ask you to put Judas and me on credit when you use our work. http://trac.rathena.org/changeset/17133/rathena and I know there is other one can't remember which rev. This come from the valhalla leak. Why I know this? Cause it's exactly the same update as valhalla. It's the same translation/item correction/ect... But you miss some src modification to make the statpoint.txt works fine. I don't care that you use our works but please put give us credit. I never remove any credit on the valhalla svn so please do the same for us.
  11. is there any news about item_db progress?
  12. bump. Is there really no one that can help me on this board?
  13. Oh cool kagero/oboro quest hope you will release complete quest soon =)
  14. @clydelion Hi thx but it's not working. This is blocking the skill. And if I put 2052,11,6,16 the sill is not working on anyone. That's why I put this in src modification. @cydh I mean that I want the skill clearance to be castable on mob and on party/guild.
  15. nobody can help please?
  16. Hi guys, Is anyone can help me to make clearance only target mob and ally? Thank you very much
  17. Hi guys, I need someone to make a tool that can sort by id the itemInfo.lua. The tool need to be compabtible with this http://rathena.org/board/topic/66795-itemconverter/ I'm ready to buy it. Just let me know here. Thx for your help.
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