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  1. pc.cpp: In function ‘int pc_update_last_action(map_session_data*)’: pc.cpp:13150:5: error: ambiguating new declaration of ‘int pc_update_last_action(map_session_data*)’ int pc_update_last_action(struct map_session_data *sd) ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pc.cpp:378:6: note: old declaration ‘void pc_update_last_action(map_session_data*)’ void pc_update_last_action(struct map_session_data *sd) any idea how to fix this? i used the ExtendedBG_rev9.diff
  2. from my hosting sir servercrow.net
  3. yes boss i got error bcoz of harmony file. but i cant open your link sir i dont have an account in harmony.ot =( can you recopy the guide how to fix it sir plz =)
  4. still the same error sir =(
  5. when i start my ragnarok server it says [Error]: Unknown Packet 0x40a1 from map server, disconnecting. =(
  6. how to make this vote points into donation credit points on flux cp 1.0
  7. can anyone help me with this script http://pastebin.com/rat52ZAG // -- Instance Devil Square Script ( Tyirial Script Concept ) // -- Rescripted by Dang Tai Phong, hope you guys like it ... version : 1.0 // -- For more information or new idea, please contact me via yahoo : [email protected] prontera,100,100,5 script Devil Square Guardian 852,{ // -- Name set [email protected]_name$,"Devil Square"; if( Baselevel < 100 ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Only users between Levels ^ff0000100 ~ 150^000000 can enter this Dungeon."; close; } mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Welcome to the entrance door to ^FF0000" + [email protected]_name$ + "^000000"; next; switch( select("Reserve the " + [email protected]_name$ + ":Enter the Dungeon:Leave") ) { case 1: set [email protected]_id, getcharid(1); // ----------------------------- if( [email protected]_id == 0 ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "You need to be in a group."; close; } if( getpartyleader([email protected]_id,2) != getcharid(0) ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Only the party leader can register for " + [email protected]_name$ + "."; close; } if( DSquare_Timer >= gettimetick(2) ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "You cannot enter " + [email protected]_name$ + " again until ^0000FF" + callfunc("Time2Str",DSquare_Timer) + "^000000"; close; } if( Zeny < 100000 ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "...I'm sorry, not enough zeny."; close; } set [email protected]_instance, instance_create([email protected]_name$, [email protected]_id); if( [email protected]_instance == -1 ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Your group is already registered on a Memorial Dungeon."; close; } else if( [email protected]_instance < 0 ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Instance creation failed: " + [email protected]_instance; mes "Please report this to a Game Master."; close; } if( instance_attachmap("[email protected]", [email protected]_instance,1) == "" ) { instance_destroy([email protected]_instance); mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Instance creation failed. No more free maps."; mes "Please report this to a Game Master."; close; } instance_attach([email protected]_instance); instance_set_timeout 3600,300,[email protected]_instance; // One hour set 'dsparty_id, getcharid(1); set 'dsnext_open, gettimetick(2) + 7200; // Next allowed open time for players deletearray 'dsMembers[0],127; instance_init([email protected]_instance); // Some part of disable/enable NPC donpcevent instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnEnable"; donpcevent instance_npcname("#dswarp-11", instance_id())+"::OnInstanceInit"; donpcevent instance_npcname("#dswarp-12", instance_id())+"::OnInstanceInit"; set DSquare_Timer, 'dsnext_open; set 'dsMembers[0], getcharid(0); // Stores First Char ID set 'dsNext_i, 1; set Zeny, Zeny - 100000; close; case 2: if( has_instance("[email protected]") == "" ) { mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Instance Dungeon " + [email protected]_name$ + " does not exist."; mes "You are not registered for DS."; close; } set [email protected]_instance, instance_id(1); // Store IDs instance_attach([email protected]_instance); for( set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < 'dsNext_i; set [email protected], [email protected] + 1 ) { if( getcharid(0) == 'dsMembers[[email protected]] ) break; } if( [email protected] == 'dsNext_i ) { if( DSquare_Timer >= gettimetick(2) ) { // User joined the party but has Devil Square Delay mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "You cannot enter " + [email protected]_name$ + " again until ^0000FF" + callfunc("Time2Str",DSquare_Timer) + "^000000"; close; } else if( 'dsNext_i == 127 ) { // This party has invited lots of users to join Devil Square mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "No more users can enter " + [email protected]_name$ + " registered with this party."; close; } else { // Add this new user to the member list set DSquare_Timer, 'next_open; set 'dsMembers['dsNext_i], getcharid(0); set 'dsNext_i, 'dsNext_i + 1; } } warp "[email protected]",183,182; end; case 3: close; } } function script Time2Str { set [email protected]_Left, getarg(0) - gettimetick(2); set [email protected], [email protected]_Left / 86400; set [email protected]_Left, [email protected]_Left - ([email protected] * 86400); set [email protected], [email protected]_Left / 3600; set [email protected]_Left, [email protected]_Left - ([email protected] * 3600); set [email protected], [email protected]_Left / 60; set [email protected]_Left, [email protected]_Left - ([email protected] * 60); set [email protected]$, ""; if( [email protected] > 1 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected] + " days, "; else if( [email protected] > 0 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected] + " day, "; if( [email protected] > 1 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected] + " hours, "; else if( [email protected] > 0 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected] + " hour, "; if( [email protected] > 1 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected] + " minutes, "; else if( [email protected] > 0 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected] + " minute, "; if( [email protected]_Left > 1 || [email protected]_Left == 0 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected]_Left + " seconds."; else if( [email protected]_Left == 1 ) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$ + [email protected]_Left + " second."; return [email protected]$; } [email protected],44,155,0 script #HiddenNpc -1,{ end; OnDisable: killmonster "[email protected]",instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; end; OnEnable: areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ALICEL",1735,25,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ALIOT",1736,15,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ARCHDAM",1668,15,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] CONSTANT",1745,20,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DARK PRIEST",1198,4,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] ARCHANGELING",1388,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"; end; OnDevilDead: set [email protected],80; set [email protected]_cnumber,mobcount("[email protected]",instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead"); set [email protected]_dead_number,[email protected] - [email protected]_cnumber; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 55 ) instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : 25 mobs to enter the 2nd round..",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 75 ) instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : 5 mobs to enter 2nd round..",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 80 ) { instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : will enter to 2nd round!!!",bc_map,"0xffff00"; goto OnDevilRound_2; } end; OnDevilRound_2: areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DROSERA",1781,20,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] NECROMANCER",1870,30,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] RETRIBUTION",1702,5,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] OBSERVATION",1700,5,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] LADY SOLACE",1703,5,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] SHELTER",1701,5,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"; end; OnDevilDead_2: set [email protected],70; set [email protected]_cnumber,mobcount("[email protected]",instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_2"); set [email protected]_dead_number,[email protected] - [email protected]_cnumber; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 45 ) instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : 25 mobs to enter the 3rd round..",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 65 ) instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : 5 mobs to enter the 3rd round..",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 70 ) { instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : will enter to 3rd round!!!",bc_map,"0xffff00"; goto OnDevilRound_3; } end; OnDevilRound_3: areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DIMIK",1673,10,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DIMIK",1672,10,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DIMIK",1671,10,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] DIMIK",1670,10,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] HIGH PRIEST MAGARETA",1637,6,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MORROC SHADOW",1921,3,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MORROC SHADOW",1918,3,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MORROC SHADOW",1920,3,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; areamonster "[email protected]",183,182,246,244,"[DS] MORROC SHADOW",1919,3,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"; end; OnDevilDead_3: set [email protected],58; set [email protected]_cnumber,mobcount("[email protected]",instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_3"); set [email protected]_dead_number,[email protected] - [email protected]_cnumber; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 33 ) instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : 25 mobs to enter the 4th round..",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 53 ) instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : 5 mobs to enter the 4th round..",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 58 ) { instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : will enter to 4th round!!!!!!",bc_map,"0xffff00"; donpcevent instance_npcname("#dswarp-12", instance_id())+"::OnEnable"; goto OnDevilRound_4; } end; OnDevilRound_4: areamonster "[email protected]",149,148,149,148,"[DS] Entweihen Crothen",1957,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_4"; areamonster "[email protected]",135,135,165,165,"[DS] Thorny Skeleton",1958,11,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_4"; end; OnDevilDead_4: set [email protected],12; set [email protected]_cnumber,mobcount("[email protected]",instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_4"); set [email protected]_dead_number,[email protected] - [email protected]_cnumber; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 12 ) { instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : CONGRATULATION - 10 Treasure Boxs will be yours now",bc_map,"0xffff00"; donpcevent instance_npcname("#dswarp-12", instance_id())+"::OnInstanceInit"; donpcevent instance_npcname("#dswarp-11", instance_id())+"::OnEnable"; goto OnDevilRound_5; // Treasure Spawn Round } end; OnDevilRound_5: monster "[email protected]",231,250,"Treasure Box",1324,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",234,247,"Treasure Box",1328,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",237,244,"Treasure Box",1332,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",240,241,"Treasure Box",1336,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",243,238,"Treasure Box",1340,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",246,235,"Treasure Box",1344,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",249,232,"Treasure Box",1348,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",252,229,"Treasure Box",1352,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",249,241,"Treasure Box",1356,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; monster "[email protected]",240,249,"Treasure Box",1360,1,instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"; end; OnDevilDead_5: set [email protected],10; set [email protected]_cnumber,mobcount("[email protected]",instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDevilDead_5"); set [email protected]_dead_number,[email protected] - [email protected]_cnumber; instance_announce 0, "Devil Square : "+ strcharinfo(0) +" has opened the treasure box at Devil Square",bc_map,"0xffff00"; if( [email protected]_dead_number == 10 ) donpcevent instance_npcname("#HiddenNpc", instance_id())+"::OnDestroyInstance"; end; OnDestroyInstance: initnpctimer; end; OnTimer500: instance_announce 0, "Devil Square will be closed in few seconds..", bc_map, 0xCCFF00; end; OnTimer19000: instance_warpall "prontera", 100,100; end; OnTimer22500: stopnpctimer; instance_destroy(instance_id()); end; } // -- Warp [email protected],168,168,0 script #dswarp-11 45,0,0,{ OnInstanceInit: disablenpc instance_npcname("#dswarp-11", instance_id()); end; OnEnable: enablenpc instance_npcname("#dswarp-11", instance_id()); end; OnTouch: warp "[email protected]",189,189; end; } [email protected],184,184,0 script #dswarp-12 45,0,0,{ OnInstanceInit: disablenpc instance_npcname("#dswarp-12", instance_id()); end; OnEnable: enablenpc instance_npcname("#dswarp-12", instance_id()); end; OnTouch: mes "[ Devil Square Guardian ]"; mes "Are you ready..?"; if( select("Ready, GO!!!", "Nope") != 1 ) close; close2; warp "[email protected]",163,163; end; } // -- Mapflags [email protected] mapflag nowarp [email protected] mapflag nowarpto [email protected] mapflag noteleport [email protected] mapflag nosave SavePoint [email protected] mapflag nomemo [email protected] mapflag nobranch [email protected] mapflag nopenalty with 8 party members required to enter and after finishing the 1st stage it will open portal to go on 2nd stage. its a 4stage map. can anyone help me with this =)..
  8. yah need 3 floors only ill put it on ice_dun w/ custom mobs. =)
  9. sir can anyone help me to decrease the floors of endless tower. can anyone give me script of endless tower modified into 3 floors only and need 8 players to go inside it. thx in advance =)
  10. hi how can i change the vote points into donation credits on flux CP 1.0? can anyone help me =))
  11. sir how can i make this LMS starts only every saturday 4pm. =) - script LMS#disable -1,{ OnInit: disablenpc "Mr. Banker"; enablenpc "Last Man Standing"; end; } - script LMS -1,{ OnClock000: OnClock0305: OnClock0605: OnClock0905: OnClock1205: OnClock1505: OnClock1805: OnClock2105: goto startlmsevent; startlmsevent: announce "Mr. Manager: The Last Man Standing event will be starting shortly.",0; sleep2 10000; announce "Mr. Manager: Those who want to play, please proceed to Maintown.",0; sleep2 10000; announce "Mr. Manager: After 1 Minute the LMS NPC will close.",0; sleep2 10000; announce "Mr. Manager: Please go to Maintown now if you want to join.",0; enablenpc "Last Man Standing"; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer30000: announce "Mr. Manager: Last 30 seconds.",0; sleep2 5000; announce "Mr. Manager: If you want to join go in Maintown.",0; end; OnTimer50000: announce "Mr. Manager: Last 10 seconds.",0; end; OnTimer55000: announce "Mr. Manager: 5.",0; end; OnTimer56000: announce "Mr. Manager: 4.",0; end; OnTimer57000: announce "Mr. Manager: 3.",0; end; OnTimer58000: announce "Mr. Manager: 2.",0; end; OnTimer59000: announce "Mr. Manager: 1.",0; end; OnTimer60000: announce "Mr. Manager: Time's up.",0; end; OnTimer61000: disablenpc "Last Man Standing"; donpcevent "Mr. Banker::OnEnable"; stopnpctimer; end; } //---------All Job Registration--------------- phtownall,194,184,5 script Last Man Standing 488,{ if( Class == Job_Novice ){ mes "Novice cant join."; close; } if (ismounting) atcommand "@newmount"; else if (checkriding()) atcommand "@mount"; warp "quiz_02",310,267; atcommand "@disguise 1163"; atcommand "@fakename Raydric"; atcommand "@size 0"; mes "[Mr. Manager]"; mes "Hello What can I do for you?"; next; menu "Register",-,"What is LMS?",what,"Leave",leave; next; mes "[Mr. Manager]"; mes "Thankyou for registering Mr. " + strcharinfo(0) + ", Have fun!"; warp "quiz_02",310,267; end; what: mes "[Mr. Manager]"; mes "LMS is also known as Last Man Standing Event"; next; mes "[Mr. Manager]"; mes "LMS is also like a PvP."; mes "The only difference is at LMS you will get 5 Proof of Donation if you are the Last Man Standing at the arena."; next; mes "[Mr. Manager]"; mes "That's all"; close; leave: mes "[Mr. Manager]"; mes "I hope you will register next time"; close; } //-------------------------- //-------------------------- quiz_02,303,265,6 script Mr. Banker 56,{ mes "[banker]"; mes "Congrats. You've won."; next; announce "Mr. Manager: We have a winner! well done "+strcharinfo(0)+".",0; getitem 7179, 5; // Change This item id to what ever you want . item id,amount getitem 110, 30; dispbottom "5 Proof of Donation and 30 Event Coins"; mes "You will return now"; warp "phtownall",200,180; disablenpc "Mr. Banker"; close; end; OnEnable: pvpoff "quiz_02"; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager:The Last Man Standing Event will start shortly",0; sleep2 10000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager:But before we start this is just a few reminders..",0; sleep2 10000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager:Using Cloaking , Hiding is strictly not allowed..",0; sleep2 10000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: Only the Last Man Standing will win this event!!",0; sleep2 10000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: What are we waiting for?..Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!...",0; sleep2 10000; goto L_Start; end; L_Start: if(getmapusers("quiz_02") == 1) goto L_Champ; if(getmapusers("quiz_02") == 0) goto L_None; if(getmapusers("quiz_02") > 1) { mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: Get ready at the count of 5 we will start!....",0; sleep2 10000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: 5",0; sleep2 5000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: 4",0; sleep2 4000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: 3",0; sleep2 3000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: 2",0; sleep2 2000; mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Manager: 1",0; sleep2 1000; pvpon "quiz_02"; goto timer; end; } timer: initnpctimer; end; OnTimer1000: end; OnTimer1100: if(getmapusers("quiz_02") == 1) goto L_Champ; if(getmapusers("quiz_02") > 2) goto timer; if(getmapusers("quiz_02") == 2) goto champ; stopnpctimer; end; champ: announce "Mr. Manager: Last 2 Brave warriors are still alive!",0; sleep2 10000; if(getmapusers("quiz_02") == 1) goto L_Champ; if(getmapusers("quiz_02") > 1) goto timer; end; L_Champ: mapannounce "quiz_02","Mr. Banker: Please talk to me to get your prize..",0; pvpoff "quiz_02"; enablenpc "Mr. Banker"; end; L_None: disablenpc "Banker"; pvpoff "quiz_02"; end; } //----- Die = warp prt ----- - script Killa_warp -1,{ OnPCDieEvent: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); if([email protected]$=="quiz_02") { set #kill_point, 0; announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" died, and out of the game!.",bc_all; warp "phtownall",188,188; sleep 1; atcommand "@raise"; end; } OnPCKillEvent: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0); if([email protected]$=="quiz_02") { set #kill_point,#kill_point+1; if ( #kill_point % 4 == 0) { announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" have made 4 Consecutive Kills!!He will be granted an item",bc_all; getitem 671, 10; getitem 7619, 2; getitem 7620, 2; end; } } } // == Mapflags quiz_02 mapflag nowarp quiz_02 mapflag nowarpto quiz_02 mapflag noteleport quiz_02 mapflag nosave quiz_02 mapflag nomemo quiz_02 mapflag nobranch quiz_02 mapflag pvp_noparty quiz_02 mapflag restricted 1 quiz_02 mapflag pvp_noguild quiz_02 mapflag nocommand 1
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