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  1. I need this script too exchange npc on ragnarok mobile Sell And Buy Hercules Emulador
  2. I want to put an npc where the user can sell and the user buy what they sell for example if I sell jellopy in exchange this 100 another user has bought what I sell an example exchange of eternal love quiero poner un npc donde los user pueden vender y los user comprar lo que ellos mismo venden por ejemplo si vendo jellopy en exchange esta 100 otro user cuende comprar lo que vendo un ejemplo exchange de eternal love
  3. how to put the cash point in the data
  4. how to create guild pack that stays in the guild storage
  5. create skill copy skill transform monster or is there a skill that copied a monster
  6. how to add custom weapon how to add a personalized weapon to a star gladiator that can be seen
  7. i neeb help custom weapon for the sg
  8. XrichiX

    Custom Job

    i neeb help add custom job rathena 2018
  9. XrichiX

    Skill clone

    for example how do I put that pull a clone instead of a mob case KO_ZANZOU: if(sd){ struct mob_data *md2; md2 = mob_once_spawn_sub(src, src->m, src->x, src->y, status_get_name(src), MOBID_ZANZOU, "", SZ_SMALL, AI_NONE); if( md2 ) { md2->master_id = src->id; md2->special_state.ai = AI_ZANZOU; if( md2->deletetimer != INVALID_TIMER ) delete_timer(md2->deletetimer, mob_timer_delete); md2->deletetimer = add_timer (gettick() + skill_get_time(skill_id, skill_lv), mob_timer_delete, md2->bl.id, 0); mob_spawn( md2 ); map_foreachinallrange(unit_changetarget, src, AREA_SIZE, BL_MOB, src, &md2->bl); clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,1); skill_blown(src,bl,skill_get_blewcount(skill_id,skill_lv),unit_getdir(bl),BLOWN_NONE); } }
  10. XrichiX

    Skill clone

    como puedo crear una skill que tire un clon how can I create a skill that pulls a clone
  11. hey men you have solution i neeb help me i neeb server 255
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