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  1. I am making a simplified effect grf for all skills in general. but apparently i am stucked with the heal effect of SPP.
  2. and yeah I meant the "HEAL EFFECT" from it. I managed to find the Acolyte's heal and remove it but i don't think spp uses the same effect from it.
  3. I have browsed all over data/effect grf but I have no luck finding it out. anyone knows how to remove the heal effect from SPP? any replies will be appreciated. thanks!
  4. can you post the full script here? it should be included in your config.
  5. if this is a CARD ONLY exclusive NPC you can go if (@sold_nameid[[email protected]] > 4000 && @sold_nameid[[email protected]] < 27126) {
  6. I have a stupid way but effective, why don't you swap the 4700-4706 to the ID of brasilis cards(27120 to 27126) as your script says, change it via SQL. in this case : if (@sold_nameid[[email protected]] > 4000 && @sold_nameid[[email protected]] < 4700) { to if (@sold_nameid[[email protected]] > 4000 && @sold_nameid[[email protected]] < 4706) {
  7. So i am trying to modify an accessory from "136" slot to "1048576"(costume accessory) as per doc/item_db. the problem is whenever I reloaditemdb and character select, it goes directly to/as misc items. I am using 2018-04-18b RE exe. is this a problem in the client?
  8. anyone knows where is the source of that headgear item saying "ROK ON!!" on top of your head? I can't find any in google. an answer will be much appreciated. thanks!
  9. I think I will not have a problem when it comes to your guide in firewall, but apparently proxies sounds new to me lol I am from PH, planning to make server very very soon that's why I am conducting my research on the new features as well as good hosting. Q>how much would they charge you if you exceed?
  10. Thank you for your kind tip! I have a little knowledge about setting up firewalls. are you using proxies for your server? Question again, what if I exceed the limit will am I forced? Another question, which instances should I choose for RO? what is the best?
  11. a little question on google cloud, was it the free cloud service should I use or should I pay for a larger data allocation? is google cloud can handle DDoS attacks?
  12. I see a lot of recommendations on ovh, https://www.ovh.com/asia/vps/vps-cloud.xmlis their ddos protection reliable?
  13. I see a lot of recommendations on ovh, https://www.ovh.com/asia/vps/vps-cloud.xml is their ddos protection reliable?
  14. Hello guys, I am slightly outdated with both the game and rAthena as well as other resources to make a a server run smoothly. is there any reliable VPS HOSTING with advance DDOS protection at the moment? any replies and recommendation is appreciated.
  15. the changes are around that line, if you can't found the exact line, try find the codes inside this function. - lines mean "line removed" + lines mean "line added" Thanks Cydh already figured that out. your solution helped me after 16 hours of finding out a solution lol
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