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  1. I agree. Edit / solution for those @commands should be posted here as well. Great work, btw!
  2. Try this mod made by Wynn_. Link
  3. Looking great! ^^ Respect.
  4. Legato

    [SRC] Stats

    Links are not working anymore. I hope sir Lighta would upload new ones. Thanks!
  5. Hi, Lilith. Thanks for the updates. I wanna ask something, though. Any news about this ? | v
  6. Nice. This will work without the Autobuy mod? Yea, it was released on eA.
  7. Thanks for the fixed, Lilith. Uhh, any update on how you'd fix this? D: instead of having the extra bonus overlap effects for all values under it, can you make it so that a different bonus can be set to every value without effects from bonuses above overlapping it?
  8. Legato

    About fakename.

    Ooohh. Dang.. That made me crack my head. </3 Thanks, Lilith.
  9. Legato

    About fakename.

    Hello, everyone. After applying the diff from this link. Party name isn't gonna show if I don't have a guild. See screenshots below. This is me without a guild. and this is me with guild. Here's what I have on clif.c //Requesting your own "shadow" name. [skotlex] if (ssd->fd == fd && ssd->disguise) WBUFL(buf,2) = -bl->id; if( ssd->fakename[0] ) { WBUFW(buf, 0) = cmd = 0x195; memcpy(WBUFP(buf,6), ssd->fakename, NAME_LENGTH); WBUFB(buf,30) = WBUFB(buf,54) = WBUFB(buf,78) = 0; } else { memcpy(WBUFP(buf,6), ssd->status.name, NAME_LENGTH); } if( ssd->status.party_id ) { p = party_search(ssd->status.party_id); } and //Used to update when a char leaves a party/guild. [skotlex] //Needed because when you send a 0x95 packet, the client will not remove the cached party/guild info that is not sent. void clif_charnameupdate (struct map_session_data *ssd) { unsigned char buf[103]; int cmd = 0x195, ps = -1, i; struct party_data *p = NULL; struct guild *g = NULL; nullpo_retv(ssd); WBUFW(buf,0) = cmd; WBUFL(buf,2) = ssd->bl.id; if( ssd->fakename[0] ) { memcpy(WBUFP(buf,6), ssd->fakename, NAME_LENGTH); } else { memcpy(WBUFP(buf,6), ssd->status.name, NAME_LENGTH); } if (!battle_config.display_party_name) { if (ssd->status.party_id > 0 && ssd->status.guild_id > 0 && (g = guild_search(ssd->status.guild_id)) != NULL) p = party_search(ssd->status.party_id); }else{ if (ssd->status.party_id > 0) p = party_search(ssd->status.party_id); } I'm using rAthena revision 15924. The only thing messed up is the party name and I couldn't find a fix for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tia.
  10. The fix for that is already on the diff provided by the author. Index: src/map/script.c =================================================================== --- src/map/script.c (revision 14956) +++ src/map/script.c (working copy) @@ -6684,3 +6684,3 @@ for(i=0; i<MAX_INVENTORY; i++) { - if(sd->status.inventory[i].attribute){ + if(sd->status.inventory[i].attribute && sd->status.inventory[i].attribute != 5){ brokencounter++; @@ -6722,3 +6722,3 @@ for(i=0; i<MAX_INVENTORY; i++) { - if(sd->status.inventory[i].attribute){ + if(sd->status.inventory[i].attribute && sd->status.inventory[i].attribute != 5){ repaircounter++;
  11. Hello.. Could someone help me adding bonuses to specific players? I already set the enable_extra_bonus to enable_extra_bonus : 2 and add some bonuses on extra_bonuses.txt on db. But, the bonuses doesn't apply to these 2 CIDs. Here's the script I have. Please correct it if you see something wrong with it. - script Bonus -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if(bbinus) end; if( getcharid(0) == 150000 ) Set EXTRA_BONUS,1; if( getcharid(0) == 150001 ) Set EXTRA_BONUS,2; set bbonus,1; end; } Bump 1 for my post and for this 1.
  12. Hello.. I didn't want to open another thread because, my concern is also about the atcommand events mod. I get this error when I try to use #command. What I added is just this line if( [email protected]_command$ == "#testshop") { end; } Here's what's written on npc.c line 782 nullpo_ret(sd); npc.c int do_atcmd_event (struct map_session_data* sd, const char* command, const char* message, const char* eventname) { struct event_data* ev = (struct event_data*)strdb_get(ev_db, eventname); struct npc_data *nd; struct script_state *st; int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0; char *temp; temp = (char*)aMalloc(strlen(message) + 1); nullpo_ret(sd); if( ev == NULL || (nd = ev->nd) == NULL ) { ShowError("npc_event: event not found [%s]\n", eventname); return 0; }
  13. That actually works. Thanks, ma'am.
  14. I was wondering if someone could adapt this codes to rA codes.. I tried to fix it on my own but I failed so I ask someone to do it for me. Then, sir GreenBox made me a diff for rAthena but it isn't working the way it should. Here's the diff sir GreenBox made. Bump
  15. Legato


    Anyone here still have the 2012-02-22 client and it's packet_db.txt released by FatalEror? Because, I can't seem to find his thread of it anymore. If you still have it, kindly post a download link here. Tia. Legato,