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  1. Hm.. yes, except can you make it not be affected by the config "gtb_sc_immunity" ? I believe bNoMagicDamage,n; is affected by that.
  2. Can someone help me with modifying the source to make a custom item bonus that will nullify damages from all magic target skills? It would work like Maya Card's "bMagicDamageReturn,n;" where you can set the chance n to reflect magic damage except it should nullify the damage instead of reflecting. AoE magic skills should still always hit. Thanks!
  3. What are the reasons for using MyISAM engine? I'm not sure the pros about MyISAM but InnoDB supports foreign keys while MyISAM does not. If we are able to use foreign keys, queries for deleting/updating can be more reliable and efficient.
  4. Thanks Ocean, I will test this out. Guess my revision is too outdated, don't have instance_mapname, or at least its not listed in the script_commands.txt yet. And nice seeing you again.
  5. Anyone know the best way to do this? OnPCDieEvent doesn't exactly work right? Since that command doesn't bind to maps individually?
  6. ah so that's where it is.. i was looking for it in battle.h and mmo.h... thanks! i tried looking for manner table but couldn't find it.. the only thing i found was a column for manner in the char table.
  7. The max level increase seems to be working fine but is there anyway to stop those errors from showing in console? As for the ".manner" table, I have no idea what's happening there. I'm running on the latest SVN with a fresh database and this that SQL error shows every time a character logs in game. Can anyone give some insight?
  8. change the mode to RGB. should be one of the menu options at the top left of the program. Wait... shouldn't he change it to Index Color instead of RGM? Image > Mode > Index color? Yeah.. lol that's what I meant, sorry haven't opened CS in a while!
  9. change the mode to RGB. should be one of the menu options at the top left of the program.
  10. ah yeah.. forgot that was twRO, guess we have to wait for kRO to support them too..
  11. so we need the latest client to support these huh?
  12. some people are suggesting to scrap ro2 and instead remake ro1 as a 3d game...? that doesn't make sense, ro2 is already serving that purpose. also, ro1 is unique because it is one of the best games that is NOT 3d. most people who still play ro1 actually enjoy 2d graphics, which is why they still play it.. and maybe not for you, but many players around the world (especially 3rd world countries) can't even support games that use higher quality graphics, which is why they are forced to play ro1.
  13. wait.. i think this only enables item share right? can we make the exp shared also?
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