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  1. Sorry, my domain expired. So will be using the IP instead.
  2. LINK: Note: For newer clients ONLY. The script can only generate WEAPONS, ARMORS and HEADGEARS. What it does? Generates a code for lub files for adding a custom item. How it works? [Adding an Item on List] Fill all required fields -> Click Insert button * After inserting an item, the ItemID and VeiwID automatically increment based on the previous ids. [Adding a description line] Enter a description line -> Click + button * undo button - removes the last description line * refresh button - resets the list of descriptions [Remove Last button] * removes the last item on list [Viewing the list] Click Show All button. What if I made a mistake on a custom item which I already added? I added a feature wherein you can update an info. How? Just put the Existing ItemID on the textbox and it will load the properties and you may now update the item. Click Update button when done. Please report to me via email or message me here if you found any bugs on my script. Thank You! Email: [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>
  3. Hi Jerome, Im getting this error when I installed your theme. I didnt edited any of the files. [19-Nov-2012 00:44:52] PHP Notice: Undefined index: module in /**/**/**/**/themes/Glight/header.php on line 130
  4. Im using the latest Lua/Lub. Not sure with the AI Files. Can you give me the link for the updated AI Files?
  5. Can anyone help me with my problem? My server crashes whenever a Homunculus level up. BTW, Im using the latest SVN Revision 16809.
  6. its an update on the latest svn. its based on the official server, kRO i think. you can use pots but you won't gain SP on it for 10 seconds.
  7. just wanna ask sir. did they fix'ed anything on the EDP? I just updated my trunk and it did happened. my 2nd to the last update was 4 or 5 days ago I think. Already saw the Fix. Nevermind Emistry. Anyway, Thanks for your time.
  8. I just updated my trunk. Are there any fix on EDP/ Cross Impact? Cross Impact damage are lowered.
  9. Oh Ok.. Thanks for the quick response Emistry.
  10. I have a problem with the script. When the user is attacking, he/she still get kicked. Cause he's on a single cell while attacking. Is it possible to add a condition wherein when the player attacks, his/her timer gets reset?
  11. LeoThird

    Need Help.

    Already fixed my own problem. FIX: By Just Updating my Trunk.
  12. LeoThird

    Need Help.

    Can anyone check my problem here? Mapserver crashes in random time. Been experiencing it once/twice or more a day. I enabled debug on my server files and it generated the core. Core was generated by `./map-server_sql'. Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. #0 0x080502d3 in map_foreachinarea (func=0x8063940 <clif_send_sub>, m=609, x0=158, y0=22, x1=<value optimized out>, y1=<value optimized out>, type=1) at map.c:716 716 if(bl->type&type && bl->x>=x0 && bl->x<=x1 && bl->y>=y0 && bl->y<=y1 && bl_list_count<BL_LIST_MAX) (gdb) bt full #0 0x080502d3 in map_foreachinarea (func=0x8063940 <clif_send_sub>, m=609, x0=158, y0=22, x1=<value optimized out>, y1=<value optimized out>, type=1) at map.c:716 bx = 19 by = 5 returnCount = 0 bl = 0xfdfdfdfd blockcount = 3 i = <value optimized out> #1 0x08072d6d in clif_send (buf=0xbf9564d4 " \001\311p", len=6, bl=0xb1d9f69c, type=AREA) at clif.c:419 i = <value optimized out> sd = <value optimized out> p = <value optimized out> g = <value optimized out> bg = <value optimized out> x0 = <value optimized out> x1 = <value optimized out> y0 = <value optimized out> y1 = <value optimized out> fd = <value optimized out> iter = <value optimized out> __FUNCTION__ = "clif_send" [Attached my map.c file] map.rar
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