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  1. I have the same problem with them not showing on this modified client
  2. Count me in, im finalizing my 3rd job woe, and Role Player server now.
  3. Ive seen this within the past few weeks and i think its awsome. If you can make it a stand alone and self service project so you dont have to invest crazy amount of time with this so it can stay up for many years to come!! Kudos to you friend.
  4. Is this active, on a server or just an idea for progression?
  5. Looks pro, id buy designs from you, just add new features and itll be gold!
  6. Well like a chained story quest, would be nice but chained item quest thats drawn out would be nice aswell ~with storyline.
  7. Currently we are looking to (possible buy) an event script thats already created. Its meant for highrate server so the quest cant be to easy.. (if it has easy to hard menu aswell, would be amazing) and If this questing script can be completed so were all i would have to do is add the reward items.. or if possible gm edit menu on the npc where i can add the item id for a certain quest (if possible). If its chain quest to heroism lvl or ranker ect that would be perfect. But we are willing to pay if its professional work, ~for sure. If you can provide this script i would def appreciate it, you can reply here or skype hector.valentino or [email protected] But ya.. chain quest if possible with a Huge amount of already created quests, with a difficulty level menu that all i would have to do is add the reward items. ~would be perfect. Contact asap <3
  8. Think Neza and Judas might, be one step closer with these.. dont quote me tho, i just assume thats the best place to look <3
  9. Is there a final cut for this script?
  10. 1st) A npc that gives you mount2 bracelet (new mounts) for 7 (Ingame hours) in exchange for 2 event coins. Then Mount2 bracelet is removed after 7 hours. 2nd) A npc that shows partylists aswell as allows you to join a party. So basically if there are 8 parties in the server. That it shows the name of the party and the leader of the party.. to either request to join the party or to be able to somehow inform the leader of the party to send a request to join party. Showing Only Public Parties. ~It would be ok if the npc create's the party for you and non members use the npc to search for a party to join, as well as to send a invite. If i can get help with this i would greatly appreciate it and i aswell think this would be a amazing idea for many servers!!
  11. just seen this, and i think its awsome, gl to you guys!
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