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  1. @sader1992 This will also solve the compatibility for 2015 + clients right????
  2. error still persist even thou the players ram is 8gb and we only run 1 client
  3. you can make your own mapflag script and dig deeper on your itemdb.cpp
  4. why not use OnPCLoginEvent and use changelook script?
  5. Good day everyone! I just wanted to ask if how to fix elemental resist healing on woe/gvg? Elemental resist healing is where if your resistance exceeds to 100% on a certain element, that element will heal you when you take damage on it. ex. If you got 110% Wind resist and you got hit by Lightning bolt or anything that is wind element will heal you instead of taking damage. My current situation is it works on PvP but not on GvG. Please help!!!
  6. yes it is. it was like putting and etc item on your inventory and that item gives you bonus stats
  7. I am looking for someone who can provide me a fps stable 20180621 client. I prefer client that forces directx 9 and above to enhance gaming experience and avoid fps drop. Willing to pay for this service.
  8. You can check this tread --->https://rathena.org/board/topic/97172-charms-items-effect-to-work-while-in-inventory/
  9. Is it possible that graphic is caused by VPS host?
  10. I already have the gepard but still problem is not solved
  11. Sorry for a noob question, most of my players are lagging when they are many people on the same map. Can someone help me with this issue? Is this client or server side?
  12. This update has a flaw on archers arrow. If you equip any arrow on your archer, neutral element will always be your element even you are equipped with oridecon, poison, immaterial and so on arrow.
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