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  1. do you have any update on this?
  2. How to make all attacks heal to the character when the enemy has 100+% resist on a specific element.
  3. this is not working on latest SVN. Please update
  4. why headgears sprites is not appearing?
  5. @Seravy Please fix the bug on job restriction on costume side and when you want to put an effect on costume items, effects doesnt apply
  6. Everytime i change job into Star Emperor and Soul Reaper it shows novice sprite xD
  7. Sorry but im not familiar with ResHacker is it for PC or client?
  8. Someone who knows how to remove admin privileges when running the client?
  9. Please let me share my 3 new versions of SC_ITEMSCRIPT. SC_ITEMSCRIPT source code is already embedded on the latest emulator so i will just share my source codes for the version 2 - 4 of SC_ITEMSCRIPT. This function is very usefull in different ways but for me i used it to get an effect from an item without having the actuall item on my storage,inventory or equipment and use it as a additional buff. SC_ITEMSCRIPT: Additional bonus effect/buff can be dispell by dispell skill and on death. SC_ITEMSCRIPT2: Additional bonus effect/buff can be dispell by dispell skill but not on death. SC_ITEMSCRIPT3: Additional bonus effect/buff can be dispell on dearth but not by dispell skill. SC_ITEMSCRIPT4: Additional bonus effect/buff cannot by dispell by dispell skill nor on death. I know it is an easy script but the idea is useful. - script samplebuff -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: //sc_start sc_itemscript,<duration(- value for unlimited duration and + for limited duration)>,<itemid>; //use SC_ITEMSCRIPT for buff dispellable by death and dispell skill //use SC_ITEMSCRIPT2 for buff not dispellable by death but dispellable by dispell skill //use SC_ITEMSCRIPT3 for buff not dispellable by dispell skill but dispellable by death //use SC_ITEMSCRIPT4 for buff not dispellable by dispell skill and dispell skill //This script use gives 10% Fire resistance from Ring of Flame lord effect permanently (it cannot be dispell by dispell skill nor on death) SC_START SC_ITEMSCRIPT4,-1,2678;//additional effect(1000=1sec) end; } SC_ITEMSCRIPT Manual diff.txt
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