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  1. Please help me on GTB script bonus bNoMagicDamage,n; the n value is not working. I tried to adjust it but the magic resistance is still on 100%. I also tried changing gtb_sc_immunity to 25 but stil it is not working
  2. Sadder can u please give me a legit VPS company because NFO server is blocked here on our hotel apartment.
  3. Anyone who can give me a legit hosting server and company?
  4. I made a script for this one. It enables us to use it as a command. It also allows us to fully customize our fake characters. It may not be a good and clean scripting but just to give a good start for the beginners. fakeplayercommand.txt
  5. I already followed the steps that you gave to me but still the original flag sprite is showing , not the new one.
  6. Dont forget to include the directory file including its file name on script_custom file
  7. Forshaken

    db error

    good day sirs. How to fix this error?
  8. is there any shortcut to mapflag all the server maps?
  9. Can i ask for Strip gear bypass and tarot bypass soruce code?.. The source codes on source releases is outdated. Thanks in Advance