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  1. I do not understand why I did not think about it ... Problem solved. Thank you @Haikenz
  2. I have the same problem, someone managed to solve the problem?
  3. 278/5000 I highly recommend the @Daifuku service. You can work with her eyes closed. She will fulfill your wishes without hesitating to rework on his works to satisfy you. Just because we judge people with numbers (unfortunately) I note 10/10
  4. Thx for your answer. It's andom for npc I'm on the last idathena version. the version of my client is 2015-11-04. I'm in RE. hummm, on an official NPC? knowing that I have not touched anything ...
  5. I post today for an NPC worry. I'll let you look for yourself. Could this come from the switch menu? my warper script uses the MENU system and has no worries! All scripts using the switch function have problems. No changes have been made to the sources