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  1. Well I just got the rAthena trunk and stuff and I wanted to test some stuff out but all my descriptions are in a different lang. Can anyone help me?
  2. Lol couple people I know are Making a support website to learn and make a ro 2 server
  3. Drama

    2012 Topic

    @China- Lets find a disease that turns everyone into zombies. Haha zombie apoc sound amazing.
  4. Well if you look at that. I was the noob to test your vids and look now everyone loves them
  5. Drama

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the new board! Hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Is this surprising at all? lol I mean come on Paradox said he would come back and all I see is a 5 week absence with eathena being down. So, all of you should just stay here and use this new board .
  7. Drama

    Hey =D

    Welcome to the board.
  8. Drama

    eAthena Logo

    Wow nice logos, those are really good. I like the blue one.
  9. Drama

    eAthena Logo

    True, Well it was worth a try, but I do feel that we need better and new team icons. I'm designing some just for fun not as if they will be used there.
  10. Drama

    eAthena Logo

    Don't worry I have more up my sleeve. I am making team Icons at the moment.
  11. I made eathena a logo, more logo's coming soon. as well as team icons
  12. Drama

    Spanish Support

    Well, it's not what we think is right. Whatever will make the Spanish Support section its best will probably be DevilEvil's idea. If they want to move it or redirect it, then they know what is best for the spanish community. I'll agree with whatever is best.
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