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  1. If you need further help just post back, you would need to add an @go 2x or 3x depending on how many @go locations you have. You need to edit each of the parts and add something in for "mall"
  2. Teny

    Get to Know...

    Name: Teny Nickname: Teny/Taeni Role: The iEmo Puppet-Master of Doom Age: 20 Location: Toronto, Canada Biography: I've been lurking eA Since 2005ish. Most of the community members know who I am, or at least most of the staff do who lurk on IRC with me =] I mostly played RO since 2004 but I became interested in the management/development side around '05 and that's when I learned how to script, I spent most of my time working on PvP-related script things, like the 5Man Free-for-All or the 3vs3 Party systems. I spent a few years programming in Java, but I never actually got around to learning the eA source code till a while later. For me it was always a back/forth and now I'm on it again and actually making some pretty good progress Props to all the nice people who take the time to answer my questions! =] Hoping to contribute to the community pretty soon once I get a bit more comfortable with the language. Hobbies: I play a lot of MMOs, I spend a lot of time learning about the MMO industry because several friends of mine are involved in that (You may know them as Steparu). I watch a lot of TV sadly, and when I'm not doing these things I read a lot of manga, I try my best to program although if it's between playing a new MMO or programming, case closed. I also work out pretty often and troll people on various forums (: Occupation: Soon to be Computer Science major at university, currently I've been in IT for a couple of years but it's not really interesting me. Favorite Quote: "wat u sed" <- Self. Current Server: N/A
  3. Actually, I think it is pretty obvious what those files are for, at least it should be for those, who wants to apply for a dev position. However that is true, there is a room for improvement in the documentation of the code. So what we need there, is not a glossary, but proper documentation. @KeiKun, true if you have some knowledge of C, java or C# you might find what each function does, but some commentaries aren't even translated (check the code for Japanese comments, they're still there since forever) and I don't think it's fun for new people to search for every file just to know what a variable means or a function does, besides remember this is C, not a an OOP language where you can know directly which class you're using and where to search. if you have knowledge with C language its already easy to determine what that file is for~ I agree with you 100% Kratos. I have about 2 years of OOP(Java) experience but I find I constantly have to refer to 2 or sometimes 3 other files to see what's going on in the source code. Plus I think it would allow beginners/people whom aren't that familiar with source coding to get their feet wet as opposed to looking at the source, getting overwhelmed and giving up.
  4. We debated on it for about 2 minutes then Tress/I agreed it had superior service, probably because we spend the most time on there. Also, freenode is full of dickies.
  5. Woo finally Time to get started Come idle at #RAthena on the Rizon IRC network
  6. Teny

    Hi :)

    I'll come check out this board too =o I mean half of my eA friends are here anyway so I thought I'd come poke around too ;p For those of you who know me, hello. For those who don't though: I'm a very old eA member/user. I've been lurking the eA board since '05 and once I got my "player" side content I thought more about development and management of servers so a couple years later I joined eA. I haven't been that active over the last few years mainly due to personal/academic reasons but I still stop by from time to time to say hey to the peeps that run stuff =o As for my general interests... Sleep, Anime, Manga, Programming, Food/Drinks, J-Stuff, MMOs I'm pretty friendly so if you need help or just want to chat sometime, feel free to add me to MSN or send me a message sometime (:
  7. wat u sed

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      Nice avatar XD lol!

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